Hold my hand.

*Told, from now on, from both Elizabeth's and Kurt's p.o.v's* 

The next weekend, Elizabeth Hummel pretended not to be surprised when Kurt asked to be driven to 65 Langville drive. She asked if Kurt had an arranged play-date, and her son replied: "Sort of. He told me to come over. Kind of.. He'll be happy to see me!" 

"If you're sure, hon.." Kurt's mommy replied. When they got to the house, she parked the car on the street, their old chevy looking drab next to the porsches, mercedes, and rolls-royces. "I'll wait here, just in case this boy.." 

"Blaine." Kurt told her quickly. 

"Just in case.. Blaine.. is busy today." She finished. 

"Oh he won't be." Kurt said, climbing out of the car with his school bag full of toys. He ran up the drive and rung to doorbell, having to reach up, arm outstretched, on tippy-toes to reach it. The black haired woman answered the door. 

"Hello, little boy. What is it that you want?" She asked, bending down, her tone sickly-sweet. Kurt didn't like it. 

"Um, I'm here to see Blaine.." Kurt murmured. 

"Hang on a sec. I'll call him." The woman gave a grimace, turned and yelled: "BLAINE! THERES A KID HERE FOR YOU!" After a few seconds, there was a thundering on the stairs, and Blaine appeared, looking rather odd without his uniform. He was wearing jeans that were a little tight, and a purple polo shirt. His hair was as messy as ever. 

"Kurt!" He said, waving his mother away. "You came! I knew you would! But.. My house isn't the best place to play.. mind if we go to yours?" 

"Course we can!" Kurt said. "Come on. Take my hand." He said, reaching it toward Blaine. 

"I know what to do.." Blaine said with a small smile, taking Kurt's hand without pause. 

"Finn didn't..." Kurt frowned. But before the other boy could ask who Finn was, Kurt was dragging him toward the sidewalk, where his mother still sat in their car. He opened the back door and clambered in, pulling Blaine in after him. "Mommy, this is Blaine. Its OK if he comes to ours instead, right?" Kurt only noticed then that Blaine hadn't asked his parents if he could go out. How funny.. 

"Of course it is!"  Elizabeth smiled. "So Blaine, where do you go to school?" 

"In Westerville. The Dalton elementary school for boys. My older sister goes to the Crawford Middle school for young ladies. Its like the sister school of Dalton." Blaine explained. 

"Thats pretty far away, right? How do you get to school?" Elizabeth asked. 

"The Chauffer drives us. We have to get up at six and leave at seven, but I sleep in the car." Blaine said nonchalantly. Elizabeth stopped her mouth from dropping open. Chauffer? God, they were rich. When they pulled up at the house, she braced herself for a shocked sigh on Blaine's part, but as the pair climbed out of the car, hand-in-hand, she noticed, Kurt said:

"This is my house. Pretty, right?" 

"Yeah.. Much nicer than mine!" Blaine said sincerely. 

"What?! Yours is awesome! And so big!" Kurt disagreed. 

"No.. Yours is more like a home." Blaine murmured, and Elizabeth thought she saw a little scared-ness in Blaine's eyes. Burt was out at the garage, so Elizabeth unlocked the door, and the boys ran in and straight up to Kurt's room.

Kurt showed Blaine all his toys, all his school books and all his drawings. And the other boy really did seem interested. He smiled and laughed and talked so easily with Kurt. Kurt felt closer to Blaine than to anyone else apart from his mom, and he had known Blaine for less than a week. 

The pair spent the whole day playing fairies, and enacting disney movies (Blaine loves them just as much as Kurt). First they enacted The Little Mermaid. Kurt was Ariel, and Blaine alternated between Sebastian the crab, King Neptune and Prince Eric, playing all three parts beautifully, singing all the songs beautifully. Downstairs, Elizabeth could just hear the two boys talking and singing and laughing. They were clearly beyond close. She was ever so happy that Kurt had found another boy like him, one who was into princes and princesses, Disney and barbies. 

Next, in the bedroom, was Snow White. Again, Kurt played the title role and Blaine swapped from evil witch to dwarf to Prince Charming. Then, when Kurt suggested playing Beauty and the Beast and found Blaine hadn't seen it, they ran down stairs and asked Kurt's mommy to put it on the t.v. They did, holding hands at the scary bits, or, as it seemed to Elizabeth, the whole way through, and both grinning happily at the end. By that time, it was late and Elizabeth drove Blaine home. She noticed that on the return drive, Kurt was downcast, and it seemed like he wasn't really there. Blaine brought out the happy, peppy, fun Kurt. She had to find out why Kurt was only happy when he was with Blaine, and quick. 

The End

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