Kurt put on a brave face, and walked over to where Finn, Noah Puckerman or 'Puck' as he liked to be called, Mike and Matt were playing soccer with some other boys. It was recess on a monday, and had been nearly a month since Kurt had first seen Finn, and his fascination with him only grew more and more everyday. 

"Hey Finn!" Kurt called brightly. The taller boy stopped kicking at the ball and walked to where Kurt stood on the edge of their make-shift pitch. 

"Oh. Hey, Kurt." He said, looking over his shoulder to where Puck was making silly faces in the background. "Whats up?" 

"I wondered if you wanted to play catch with me?" Kurt asked, producing a brand-new looking football. (In truth, it was almost a year old, Burt had bought it for Kurt last christmas, hoping it would help Kurt discover his love for football. This hadn't happened, and the football had been banished to the bottom of the toy chest. Until now, it appeared. 

"Sure!" Finn grinned. "That'd be cool! I thought you don't like sport?" 

"Oh, I like football." Kurt assured him. "Come on. Over here." He held out his hand for Finn to hold, just like he did with everyone he wanted to lead about. Finn just stared at him. "You hold my hand.." He explained with the air of someone explaining something very simple to someone incredibly dumb. 

"Dude.. You're like.. a dude.. Boys don't hold hands.." Finn said slowly, shooting glances back at Puck and the others, who were gathered in a crowd a few feet away, watching the conversation unfold. 

"Why not? Don't you hold hands with your daddy?" Kurt asked matter-of-fact-ly. 

"No.. I don't have a daddy.. He's.. in heaven." Finn said, tears in his eyes. 

"Oh. Thats terrible!" Kurt said, his eyes going wide, tears of compassion filling them. "Thats so sad, Finn.." He patted the taller boy's arm. 

"You sissy-boys gonna kiss or what?" Puck called. 

"Yeah Kurt, stop touching me, I don't want your sissy-germs!" Finn said loudly, taking a step back. Kurt just stood, silent, his lip wobbling, his eyes filling with tears as the person he most wanted to be in life tore down his love and stamped on it with his Wal-mart sneakers. Just then, the bell rang and Puck, Matt, Finn and the others all shoved past Kurt, laughing and high-fiving. Kurt threw the football as hard as he could. It sailed over the fence and landed in the road, where a car promptly ran over it. 

Kurt felt like the same had been done to his heart. He ran inside, weeping uncontrollably, and refused to participate in his favorite part of the week. Instead, Puck, Finn, Matt and the other soccer-playing guys sang "We are the Champions" with Mr. Shue. 

It only made Kurt cry harder. 

The End

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