Music Mondays..

Before Kurt knew it, he had been at Kindergarten for a whole week, and monday was here again. Kurt and Mercedes were running around the playground, pretending to be fairies, when they saw a strange man walking towards the Kindergarten classroom. Kurt ran up to him, Mercedes hot on his heels. The man was carrying a large, strange case of some kind. He was tall and muscley, with weird sponge-bob hair and a butt chin, but Kurt still thought the man was kinda pretty. 

"Hey, stranger. You ain't allowed on school if you ain't a teecher. I'm telling! Also, whats dat?" Kurt pointed to the case. 

"Its my guitar. Wanna see?" The man asked, setting the case on the ground and kneeling down so he was the same height as the five-year-old pair. He opened the case and inside was a magical thing, made out of tree. When the man moved his fingers across the wires that ran across the shiny tree, it made beautiful noises. 

"Ooooh! Pretty! I try?" Kurt asked. He was used to being the loud one of the class now that the initial shyness had worn off. Mercedes was still a little shy around new people. "Peas?" Kurt added as an afterthought. He didn't wait for an answer, simply reaching out and pulling his fingers across the wires. Just then, Miss Sunshine's voice came from the doorway of the classroom. 

"Children! Inside, we have a visitor coming!" She called. "Oh." She said, seeing Kurt, Mercedes and the man. "You've already met Kurt and Mercedes then, Mr. Schuester." She smiled. 

"Misser Sooester?" Kurt struggled with the long name. 

"Call me Mr. Shue." Mr. Shue told him. "I'm going to be coming here every morning for the rest of the year, won't that be cool?" 

"Yeah!" Mercedes said. "Can I touch your hair? Its like spongebob!" She grinned and poked the hair. "Ohh, soft!" 

"Come along, kids. Inside." Miss Sunshine smiled, and Mercedes gripped her leg. Instantly, Miss Sunshine swung the little girl onto her back, and walked off. "Come on, Kurt, Mr. Shue!" 

"Yeh, C'mon Mr. Shoo!" Kurt said, and without hesitation, grabbed his hand and started running, pulling the large man along with surprising strength. The older man  grinned, and, picking up his guitar, allowed himself to be led into the classroom, where Miss Sunshine had set up a circle of chairs. 

"Grab a seat, everyone, This is Mr. Shue. He's going to be with us for the rest of the year." Miss Sunshine said, smiling. Kurt took a seat next to Mr. Shue on one side and Mercedes on the other. On Mr. Shue's other side was Miss Sunshine. "Today, everyone, is music monday. Every monday after recess, we will have the song circle. We will sing some songs before you all go home with your mommies and daddies. You never know, maybe you some of you guys'll have real nice voices. Now, take it away, Mr. Shue!"

"Okay, kids, I was thinking today we would start it off with a classic, from The Wizard of Oz. Anyone know the words to "Somewhere over the rainbow?" Mr. Shue. 

"Oh! Me! Me! I do!" Rachel said, standing up. "I went to see that at christmas with my daddies. We sing it on Kawaoke." 

"I do too." Kurt said, also standing. "Dorothy is amazing." 

"Well then, you guys come into the middle and sing with me!" So they did, and, Mr. Shue strumming away at the guitar, began to sing:

"Somewhere, over the rainbow, way up high, there's a land that I heard of, once in a lullaby.. Somewhere, over the rainbow, skies are blue, and the dreams, that you dare to dream, really do come true... Someday I'll wish upon a star, and wake up where the clouds are far behind me.. Where troubles melt like lemon drops, oh way above the chimney tops, thats where, you'll find me.. Somewhere over the rainbow, bluebirds fly... Birds fly over the rainbow, why then oh why can't I? If happy little bluebirds fly..  Beyond the rainbow.. Why, oh, why can't I?" By the time the song was over, everyone was singing. Kurt grinned, and hugged Mr. Shue. He loved to sing. 

Later, he hid around the corner when he heard Mr. Shue talking to his mommy.

"Mrs. Hummel?" He asked. 

"That's me. Call me Elizabeth. And you might be..?" Kurt heard his mommy's voice ring out, pretty and clear. 

"I'm Will Schuester. A student teacher here. Its Music Monday today, and Kurt, Rachel and I sang 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow..'." Kurt heard his mommy give a happy little gasp. "Kurt.. Kurt has a beautiful voice. You should think of auditioning him for Musicals. He could play the title role in 'Oliver' with a voice like that." 

"I'm so glad you like his voice. But we don't want to pressure Kurt into anything. We may be a little hard-up, but we aren't going to sell our son's voice to get rich.. Kurt's a special little boy. He deserves star treatment wherever he goes, and until I can make sure he gets that, he's going to stay at home." Elizabeth said, softly but firmly. 

"No, I- I never meant.. I was just saying.." Mr. Shue fumbled for words. 

"I know. But my point still stands. I'm glad you like my son's voice. Now come along Kurt, I see you peeping around the corner." Kurt grinned and ran to his mommy's arms. She scooped him up, and Kurt asked: 

"Do I really have a pretty voice, Mr. Shoo?" 

"The prettiest, Kurt." Mr. Shue assured him. Kurt's grin widened. 

"I have a pretty voice." He murmured over and over, for the rest of the day, as if he could hardly believe it. 

The End

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