First Day.

Kurt was, no lie, totally scared when he walked into that room, his big bag over his shoulder, almost twice his width. But the teacher, a pretty blonde lady - though no-where near as pretty as Kurt's mommy - came over. 

"Hello! What's your name? Mine's Miss. Sunshine." Miss Sunshine. What a pretty name. Kurt thought, smiling. He wanted to touch her hair, see if it was like sunbeams. 

"I'm Kurt." He said in a small voice. 

"Kurt what?" She made a circling movement with a long, golden hand. The nails were long and pink. Kurt liked them too. 

"Kurt Hummel." He told her, gracing her with a smile. She smiled back, instantly falling in love with this endearing little boy. 

"That's a nice name, huh?" She said, still grinning. Kurt nodded. 

"But not as pretty as Miss. Sunshine..." He murmured shyly. "Can I touch your hair?" Miss Sunshine laughed and crouched down to Kurt's level, letting him stroke her hair. He did so, ever so gently, and soon, there were three other little girls crowding around, stroking her hair. One was dark-skinned (as Kurt's mommy said) and a little on the chubby side, with wild curly hair and pierced ears. She stroked the blonde hair almost as gently as Kurt. He instantly blocked out the two other girls. 

"Hi." He said, walking next to her as Miss Sunshine told them to go sit on the rug. "I'm Kurt Hummel. Who're you?" He tried to be grown-up, like what his mommy did when she met new people. 

"Hello... I'm Mercedes Jones." She replied, sounding just as shy as Kurt felt. 

"Why's your skin like that? Did you fall down in the mud as a baby?" Kurt asked, genuinely curious. 

"I dunno. My mommy and my daddy has skin like me. Why's yours so white? Did you fell in the snow when you was a toddler?" Mercedes laughed. From then on, the friendship was firm. 

"Everyone, come sit in a circle. We're going to pass around the teddy, saying our names, our favorite toys and why, but only when we are holding the teddy can we speak, 'kay?" Miss Sunshine told the circle of kids. Kurt was seated next to Mercedes and that other girl who he had seen with two daddies, three kids away from Miss Sunshine. "I'll start. Hello, I'm Miss. Sunshine, and my favorite toy is my teddy, Lima bear, because he's filled with lima beans!" The circle tittered, and Miss Sunshine passed on the teddy. 

Kurt learnt first that Mercedes's favorite toy was her barbie. She liked to dress it up. Kurt told his name, and lied, saying his favorite toy was his action man, because he could play armies with it. Really, he didn't even have an action man. His favorite toy was the fairy wand hidden in the bottom of his bag, because it helped him grant wishes, including his own. 

The girl with two daddies was called Rachel Berry, and her favorite toy was her karaoke machine, 'cause her daddies got it for her, and 'cause she liked singing. Some of the other kids in the class were:

Finn Hudson: his favorite toy was his football, he and his mom liked to throw it to each other in the park, 

Noah Puckerman, he didn't have a favorite toy. Toys were for losers, according to him,

Brittany Pierce, her favorite toy was her kitty, Lord Tubbington. She could feed him and then, later, he really did go poop in his litter tray. One time Brittany went poop in the litter tray and her daddy got mad, 

Quinn Fabray, her favorite toy was her tiara, she liked to play princess, 

Artie Abrams, he loved his trike because it didn't fall over like his mommy's and daddy's bikes did, 

Tina Cohen-Chang and Mike Chang, they spoke together, saying they liked their mobiles, because it helped them keep in touch with their parents when they were at Asian camp, 

Santana Lopez, she loved her mommy's make-up, it made her look pretty, and 

Matt Rutherford, he liked kicking around his soccer ball. 

Those were just the ones Kurt remembered. There were a tonne more. Kurt thought he would never remember all those names. Kurt thought all of these kids (Apart from Noah Puckerman, he looked mean) looked nice, and wanted to be friends with them. He especially wanted to be friends with Finn. Finn was much taller than Kurt, and dressed in a little letter's-man jacket and jeans. Kurt was dressed in grey shorts, a dark green shirt, black suspenderers (he thought that was what they were called) and a black bow-tie. He loved his outfit, but Finn's just looked.. more normal. 

Did Kurt want to be normal? Like Finn and Noah and Matt? Or different, like himself? 

He decided different. 'Sides, he didn't have a little letter's-man jacket, like the ones the big boys in High School wore. Kurt decided that he wouldn't hide anymore. He would just be Kurt. The real Kurt. Not the lie. But he did still want to be friends with Finn.. He just looked so.. so.. cool... 

The End

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