Glee - When we were young..

All the glee characters are five, and in kindergarten. A young, student teacher Mr. Shue works at their elementary school, and loves to sing with the kids and play his guitar.

Just another one of the many hundreds of thousands of Glee story ideas that line up in my head...

Written from the point of view of five-year-old Kurt Hummel.

It was September, and Kurt was starting elementary school. He was excited but a little scared too. Whenever he had played with other boys before they had called him weird for not wanting to play soccer or wrestle in the mud. Then the Big Bad Bully, Davey, would laugh at Kurt and push him down, making his clothes all muddy. When Kurt's mommy would ask what happened, Kurt would lie and say he fell down all by himself. 

Kurt didn't like to lie to his mommy, but he also didn't want her speaking to Davey's mommy again. Then Davey would just tease Kurt even more. Like the first time, when Davey and Azimio, his friend, had pushed Kurt down on the side-walk and Kurt's mommy found him crying with knees that were all red. She gave Kurt some band-aids and told Davey and Azimio's mommies what they had done. Then they had teased Kurt even worse, calling him "Mommy's boy" and "Sissy" and other mean names. Kurt hoped they wouldn't be in his class. 

Kurt was going to kindergarten in the morning, but he heard some people went in the afternoon. He hoped that Davey and Azimio went in the afternoon. 

Kurt sat in his special car seat, swinging his legs as his mommy and daddy drove him to school. On the seat next to Kurt was his bag, a leather, one strapped, over-the-shoulder bag that used to be his mommy's. In it was his lunch money, his pencil bag and a reading book that his mommy had put in. Secretly, Kurt had put his fairy wand in too. As they neared the school, he saw a lot of other kids, some with their parents, some with other kids, some Kurt's age, some older. Kurt saw one girl with two men. 

"Mommy, why does that girl have two daddies?" He asked, confused. "I thought only mommies and daddies could get baby's from the baby shop..." 

"Well, sometimes, when two daddies love each other very much, they get a mommy to help them... buy a baby. And then they raise him or her together." His mommy explained. Kurt nodded. This must be true. Mommies knew everything. 

"Mommy, how come you know so much? You're so clever!" Kurt's mommy and daddy laughed. They had pulled up outside of the school by this time. Kurt hadn't seen Azimio or Davey.. He hoped they wouldn't be there.. 

"Well, I have been on this planet a lot longer than you honey, but I don't know everything." She smiled. Kurt frowned. 

"Why not?" He tilted his head. 

"Because that would be very hard to do, wouldn't it, Burt?" She asked Kurt's daddy as she climbed out of the car. She opened the back door and took Kurt's bag, just as his daddy opened the other door and helped him out of his car seat. 

"It would be, yes, Mommy. Your head would probably EXPLODE!" Kurt screamed and clutched at his mother. 

"I don't want my head to explode!" He whimpered. His daddy sighed. 

"Look, you scared him!" Kurt felt his mommy's warm hands on his shoulders. His daddy said something he didn't catch. "Well he isn't like most little boys! You don't like to be loud and silly, or play soccer and get dirty, do you, Kurt?" 

"Nu-uh mommy. No way. Soccer is stoopid." Kurt agreed. A loud bell sounded. 

"Well, Kurt, off to class!" His daddy said. 

"No! We'll walk you there, won't we, Daddy?" His mommy cried. Kurt smiled at her. She always knew the right thing to say. So they did, they walked him to the doorway to the Kindergarten class. 

"In you go then, Kurt. Love you, son." Burt said, punching Kurt lightly on the arm - the way Kurt had seen other boys do - before giving him a gentle push. Kurt's mommy gave him a proper goodbye - A hug and a kiss - and said:

"Do you want me to come in for a while? Or will you be ok?" 

"I'll be OK, I think, mommy." Kurt said, giving her another hug before dashing into the classroom. He had not seen either Davey or Azimio in the room, and was excited to meet the new people. 

Kindergarten was going to be fun, after all!

The End

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