GLEE - Blaine moves to MckinleyMature

This is just a one shot of what I think (hope) will happen in series three of GLEE.


Kurt sashayed into Mckinley high. It was the ninth of September and the first day back after a summer full of Blaine. Boy, had they got up to some things in the summer months. Seeing Mercedes, Kurt squealed and dashed toward her, arms held out, looking like a penguin. 

"'Cedes!! 'Cedes!" He called. 

"Kurtie!" She called back, meeting him halfway, her thick arms curling about his own slender form. "Nice outfit!" She commented, giving him a once over. 

"Blaine got it for me." Kurt explained, stroking a finger over the deep green skinnies, and black Lady GaGa t-shirt. Black sunglasses were perched atop his head and he was wearing leather mid-calf boots along with a black leather jacket. His hair was mussed a little, just the way it had been when the New Directions performed "Born This Way" last year. He lifted the black t-shirt to reveal the white one underneath, reading: "LIKES BOYS" Mercedes laughed. 

Tina came running over to the pair, and they all hugged again. 

"Hey, Kuuurt..." Tina said in a voice that was all too suspicious. She whispered something in Mercedes' ear and Mercedes whispered something back. Kurt furrowed his brow. "Kurt, theres, uh, someone waiting for you by your locker. You should go see them." And on that note, the two girls left in a flurry of giggles.

The fact that Tina didn't specify if this person was a he or a she made Kurt even more suspicious. Brow still furrowed, he walked around the corner, and stopped dead when he saw the familiar figure standing by his locker, an all-too lovable crinkle-eyed grin upon his face. His hair was curlier than usual, but it was definitely him. And he wasn't in uniform.. 

"Blaineeeeeee!" Kurt screamed, and ran to his boyfriend's arms. 

"Kurt.." Blaine replied, still grinning. 

"Wait, do you go here now?" Kurt asked, heart pounding as he drew away. 

"Affirmative." Blaine said in a crappy robot voice. 

"Owww." Kurt moaned. 

"What?" Blaine asked, still smiling, but furrowing his brow. 

"You looked so dapper in the Dalton Uniform.." Kurt said with an evil smile. "Next time you come 'round, we are so playing dress-up with my old Dalton stuff." 

Blaine just grinned and stepped back a little. He was dressed in red converse, black skinnies, a white t-shirt and over the top, an red and white plaid shirt. He unbuttoned the shirt, and for one heavenly moment, Kurt thought he was stripping. But in school? He was about to stop Blaine when he saw the black words printed across his other half's broad chest. 


It read. Grinning, Kurt handed Blaine his jacket and pulled off the black GaGa tee, revealing his white,  LIKES BOYS shirt. Pulling his leather jacket back on, he stuffed the Gaga tee in his locker and interlocked his fingers with the love of his life, and together, they walked the halls of Mckinley, not caring if people stared, or pointed, or laughed. 

They loved each other, and that was all that really mattered. 

The End

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