Glassy Blue

“Emma, darling?” a mother called from the bottom of the stair case.


“Yes, mother?” a brunette called from the top step, her voice seem to mimic the sweet sound of bells.


“He’s here, come down and meet your future husband,” Emma’s mother’s voice rang with excitement.  


Emma put on a sincere smile, she was always like that.  Acting kind like she usually was, “Just like proactive’ she thought to herself as she made her way to the family room, ‘just like nothing bad has happened.’


“Emma,” her mother’s voice snapped her out of her thoughts as she entered the family room, “This is Stephen, you’re new husband to be.” His green eyes seem to try to bore a hole in mine, as if he were trying to find something. Then his eyes swept my body.


“She is a beauty,” his voice sounded husky, his eyes still staring me up and down.


“Now Emma,” her mother started, “In one week you will start to live with the Night family, and in one and a half years you are to be married.”


Emma wanted to protest, but what was she to do to deny her parents’ wishes to marry a prince in the kingdom. She nodded her head in agreement, secretly hating the idea, and it was unusual for her to hate something her parents have told her. Well, except for this past month.


“’ey Ems?” They all heard as the person rounded the corner, “have you seen-” his sentence stopped when he saw the prince. “Oooo, who’s in trouble this time?”


Emma’s mother glared at him, “Emmett,” her voice was low, in a warning tone.  


“I didn’t do nothing,” Emmett raised his hands up for a dramatic effect; “I bet it was Emma.”

Emma glared at his ocean deep blue eyes. “So, what’cha do this time, Miss. Goody two shoes.”


‘Always Emmett to try and make everything funny,’ “What have I done this time…” I stared at the floor and thought about it, “I have gotten myself a groom.”


That’s when her eighteen year old brother fell to the floor, and into a laughing fit. “Good one, Ems,” he laughed.


“Emmett, remove yourself from the floor and apologize to our guess right now.” Their mother scolded.


“It’s okay,” Stephen said, with a hit of amusement in his voice. “We should all be able to sit in the family room and make jokes with one another like a family would, after all we are going to become one.”


“Wait,” Emmett said jumping off the floor and onto his feet, “She wasn’t kidding?”


“No,” Their mother glared, embarrassed that her fully near adult boy still acts as if he were only five.


“Wait so you go off and find her someone to marry, and not your eldest son?” He sounded shock and there was a glisten in his eyes.


“Well it is the man’s job to find a spouse.”


“Well I bet Mister-what’s-his-name got some help.” Emmett glared. Their mother started to lightly fume as Emma dragged him out of the room.

The End

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