Glasses Chapter 3-Getting suspicious

Now at this point things were getting a bit out of hand. Put yourself in my position for a second: New kid at school. Strange glasses and events happen when he comes. No proof or support from anyone else. Messed up life. I could feel everything coming down on me already; nothing had happened yet, however, if things kept on going like this I would lose my friends, reputation, the whole lot…  Now, at this point to stop this process while it was still in motion I had to figure out what was going on. In other words, I needed to have an investigation.

                  My first step was to find a partner, so I rushed off the field and went to find my best friend: Dunkin. I rushed up the stairs and went to go find him. He was over by the lockers, and he was standing by his locker. I didn’t dare approach because his locker smelled like some skunks had had a disco in there. “Hey Dunkin!” I greeted him casually even though I was a bit on edge. I wanted this conversation to go the right way; I couldn’t start off with the wrong impression on him. “Dunkin… you’ve noticed the new kid right… and”

                  “Wait! He’s coming! In here.” We zoomed around the corner in and walked in to the far corner in the library. “So what did you want to tell me Sam?”

                  “We’ll you’ve seen Jason right?” I asked, half a question half a “you have”

                  Yeah.” He responded

      “And you know he’s a bit …hmmmm… abnormal?”                           “Hmm hum. Samuel what are you getting at?”

“Well this kid is just weird. We need to find out what’s going on you saw his kick at recess. It was even more amazing then the one you did from halfway at the tournament last autumn. No offense.”

“Your point.”

“Help me find out about this dude please. He has some sort of secret or something.”

“Fine. I come with you. We might get in trouble you know.” He said sarcastically.

“We do every time Dunkin.”

“Let’s start then.”
“Wait,” I said.  “There he is.”

Right there through the bookshelfs there was Jason. Reading a book titled:


His hand was covering some of the letters.

The End

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