New kid-New Professional

                                                New Kid-New Professional

I closed the bathroom door. My hands were spread out across it and I was barely standing. "Calm down..." I said to myself. I put my trembling hand on my sweaty forehead and just stared into space. "What's happening? This is just too weird. I...I just...Oh! I just don't understand." I said to my self. "Ok, Samuel. Pull yourself together." After saying this I stood up and went back to class. My left eyebrow was twitching the slightest bit though.

Fortunately, the first and second periods went as usual. Jason was still in the room of course (I don't know how he knew which classroom to go in) and everyone was a bit "on-edge". Jason sat quietly by himself (nobody dared go near him) copying down notes. 'I bet he's trying to gain the teachers trust so he can do something horrible' I thought. He stared at me almost he knew what I was thinking. Finally, the bell rang and we went out for recess.

I tried to forget about him. My friends and I started playing soccer on the field.  There was a cold wind and the temperature level was just below comfortable.  Winter didn’t stop us from playing though and as the game continued I began to forget everything except for the game. I was really having a good game making good tackles and brilliant passes.

I had just tackled one of the cocky Year 8 (seventh graders) when the ball zipped out of bounce and landed at the foot of Jason. I hadn’t seen him on the sidelines during the game.  I wasn’t worried but I was a bit uneasy with his presence. I just couldn’t place my feelings into words… “Hey kid, pass.” One of the soccer players shouted. Jason just stared at a distant object and he seemed not to hear what the soccer player was saying. “Hey, pass,” The player repeated. “Oh, come on I’ll get it…” Jason was still staring at the same something and as the player went forward to receive the ball he did something very peculiar. Jason tilted his head, still staring at the same object and started to run towards the ball.

‘What can he be doing now?’ I thought and just as I was thinking this he kicked the ball with marvellous posture and incredible force. It went spinning in the air towards the goal on the other end of the field. However, everyone could see that the ball wasn’t at the right angle to make a goal when it suddenly curved the other direction and flew into the top-right corner of the net. A banana kick. Just like a pro’s, maybe better. About 70 yards! The ball was kicked and it curved just like a semi-circle.  

It was unbelievable and everyone had their mouths gaping open. “You wanna play kid? Come on this field.” said one of the older kids smiling. The person who spoke name was Jake-the best player on the pitch-.  Jason coolly walked on and chose Jake’s side to play on. He had unofficially become “cool”. Everyone smiled when the glanced their new professional.

Everyone but me.  

The End

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