Its an exciting school morning and the classrom is full of chatter. However, when a new "unusual" student comes everyone feel nervous. Samuel has to take him on a tour and finds out more than he wants to... its something about Jason's glasses...


Just last week we were told we were going to have a new student today.  Our class had already had several this year and I knew that it was impossible to predict what he would be like. Although, I had expected the new student to be in the least bit “normal”. It turns out he didn’t meet my expectations.

Our homeroom teacher Mr.Rickson, was proudly announcing that our school’s soccer team would be in the Shanghai and our class was buzzing with excitement. That wasn’t the only reason though, today was also twins day ,where friends dressed up in the same clothes, AND also the bake sale.  All around the class room twins were chatting and the Asian boys were busily chatting in Chinese (most of which I could understand) about this apparently addicting computer game.  I was chatting to my friends on the soccer team about how Charlie’s brilliant shot made us win when seconds were left in the game. Then he walked in the door.

He was escorted to our room by one of the office ladies. I noticed that her hand on his shoulder was trembling. However, I hardly noticed that because the student standing in the door was, quite... unusual.  His red hair stood straight up and tilted forwards like a cliff. Under his blank forehead were huge eyebrows curved at the ends. His mouth was curved in an arrogant “I don’t care” smile. His ears, nose and chin were slightly pointed, almost like an elf’s.  However, the queerest thing of all was that opaque glasses covered his eyes with intricate designs along the front and dark rims. They were made in a sort of sunglasses design and they also covered the part under his eyes.

I found that I couldn’t stare into his eyes and I covered my eyes with my hand.  Even our homeroom teacher felt nervous. “Samuel’ He said to me,  “Won’t you show our new student, Jason around the school?”  As Jason looked at me I felt a bit shaky and inside I had this uncontrollable instinct to refuse my teacher’s offer.  Nevertheless, I kept that instinct in; I’m not that type of person. “Okay” I answered uncertainly. 

Before I left the room Jason’s glasses dropped off his nose.  No one saw his eyes. Nonetheless, when one of the girls went to go pick up his glasses Jason growled “ Never touch my glasses or you’ll have it” his voice sounded as grim as death.  Then the bell rung and everyone speeded out of the classroom.

With my heart beating quickly, I exited the classroom not even daring to look back at Jason.  I heard his footsteps behind me.  I toured him around the school just like I had done last week to the last new student. I only looked ahead of me though. Jason asked no questions and everything went along smoothly.  I began to take bigger and longer breaths between sentences. Suddenly, Jason asked, “Where’s the science lab.” His voice was not menacing but rather cool.  Of course I showed him.

As we reached the lab we saw that through the windows. Students were experimenting with Bunsen burners. I looked at Jason and saw he was staring intently at one of the burners. I suddenly felt that my strength was depleting and I felt faint. I felt slight vibrations in the air; my instincts screamed for me to run. However, I was frozen in shock. From that burner an enormous flame erupted and it would have scorched a student if he had been an inch closer.  It looked like dragon’s fire and it probably could have killed anyone that it touched.  It shook and raged for a few moments and scorched the ceiling. The flame vanished as soon as it came and my wide eyes were staring as if the flame was still there.

I shook my head, however, could not shake off the fear. I searched my mind for an excuse to leave. “Going to the bathroom.” I said and half-walked half-ran into the bathroom.  I wanted to get away; nevertheless I didn’t want to show my fear.  Behind me I imagined Jason watching me coolly.

The End

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