Glass Hill



Brittany Coleman breathed in the icy cold air as she jumped out of the bright yellow taxi. She looked around at the closed doors and the black paneling of the two-story high school. Almost all of the snow-covered bricks were chipped off or gone completely.

“Can you come back here at 1:20?”  Brandy asked her taxi driver.

“That’ll be twenty dollars.” Brandy pulled a fifty-dollar bill out of her backpack and handed it to him through the window.

“Do you have change for a thirty?” She asked.

“Nope!” He laughed before he zoomed down the street.

There goes my allowance for the year, Brandy thought with a sigh.

            She trudged down the pathway and in the squeaky yellow door. Her family moved to Denver, Colorado 2 weeks ago, and the only school in the district was Bellson High. Only fourteen bucks to enroll, it seemed like the best choice. She stepped into the small office and looked around. There was a sign on a big machine that said: BELLSON HIGH- PUT ATENDANCE SLIP INTO SLOT AND PRESS ‘READ.’ She took out the bright green paper that she got in the mail the week before. She did what the sign said and put it into the empty slot. After about forty seconds, the slip came out the other side with a white check on it. All of a sudden, a freezing cold breeze made her shiver. She looked around to see if any windows were open, but the only window in the tight room was that kind in the jail cells that don’t open at all.

            After C.A.D., French, Health class, and English, Brittany was starving. She wrapped her brown, Eskimo, three-layer jacket tightly around her waist and rolled up the sleeves of her green sweater.

As she stood in line at the lunch counter, she got another chilling breeze. She looked around, confused. There were heaters all over the walls.

“Hey, new girl, you’re holding up the line!” Someone shouted.

“Excuse me,” she said to the lunch lady. “Is it cold in here? I think the heaters are broken.”

“We all have our problems. Now beat it, there’s plenty of hungry kids that need serving.” She answered, angrily. As she eyed Brittany’s lucky bracelet that she has never taken off.

The End

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