Adelle and I waited on the sidewalk while her brother and sister received candy from an old man with white hair and large, bulky glasses.

It was getting dark now, and all the fun was beginning.

"Hey, if we want to make it to the Hallow before it closes, we need to get leaving now. It's still seven blocks away," I told Adelle.

"Yeah, yeah; I know. Chris, Emily, come on. You guys still want to go to the Hallow, right?"

Her siblings came flying towards us, shrieking in excitement. Adelle and I rolled our eyes, but smiled despite their goofiness.

"So, Mira; what's the news with you and Cody," Adelle asked, filling the blank void between us.

I playfully hit her arm. "There's nothing," I said with a fake smile. Sadly, that was all too true. Nothing was happening with the gorgeous Cody Mire and me.

"But you totally want there to be something, right?" she asked.

"Elle, can we please not talk about it?" I asked.

"Oh... Yeah, I understand."


She smiled at me, and I was really glad she was my best friend.

Looking around, I realized it seemed really quiet besides Chris and Emily's mindless chatter and giggles.

A lot of kids were still out, but their voices were far away. Like they were at the other end of a long, dark tunnel.

"Hey, are you okay?" Elle asked me. I realized I had stopped walking. I nodded and caught up to her.

I looked behind me and saw a man with tanned skin dressed in black Arabian robes. For some reason, he seemed familiar, like I knew him from somewhere.


[will continue at a later time]

The End

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