Glass Eye of Time

no clue what's gonna happen... Read as it goes, and find out for yourself... [inspired by the new movie Prince of Persia (eep!!!!!!)]

I held the tiny creature in my hand. It's talons dug into my palm, letting blood escape the container my body acted as. As I watched the blood stain my hand, the creature scurried away.

When I realized this, I looked up to see where it went. A man clad in black robes stood before me. His hair was shoulder length and black. His face was tanned in the desert sun, and his eyes were so dark, almost black. They drew me in, held me still and silent.

He began to slowly fade, and he was smiling the oddest smile I had ever seen; I wondered why.

"Your destiny awaits."

His voice was deep, gruff, worn. But his lips never moved, and it echoed all around me, resounding off the empty space around me. He disappeared all together, leaving me alone. The only thing to be seen for miles around were the barren sand dunes.

I was lost and alone, and confused. Where had the creature gotten to. Suddenly, something tickled my wrist. I looked down again to see the little lizard resting peacefully.

His tail curled, creating a loop, and he turned to glass. I thought nothing of it, but put the fellow on a leather cord and tied him around my neck.

I felt more reassured, now that I had the necklace back. I squeezed it in my palm, and my surroundings flashed and whirled all around me, the sand whipping my hair in my face, stinging my eyes. Though unharmed, my flesh burned.

The End

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