Chapter One

Faylynn Hédérvéy had a passion for playing Piano. She suddenly stopped when her mother died. Her friends seeing obvious changes, tried everything they could but weren't able to. The monochrome keys were left to die.

       Faylynn Hédérvéy loved playing piano. Her Mom told her she would be known all over the world. Her fingers would dance around tapping on the monochrome keys over and over again. Even when she Played the same song for hours it sounded new every time. Her fingers trembled and her gray cloudy eyes were gazed over as she tapped on the keys of the piano amazing everyone in the crowd for being the youngest to ever preform in the piano contest at Tomo Hall. Her mom's last words were 'Go my child.'.  Her father was an alcoholic. Her hands were bruised and face was scared. Her mother kept him sane. Now he's insane. Faylynn could still feel where her father had kicked her in the back through the Tomo Hall glass door's. Her fingers stopped moving even though she tried to make them, they wouldn't budge. She began sobbing and could feel everyone's stares burn into her side. She felt as though everyone toward over her. Another kid in the crowd though, wanted to run up and hug the crying girl but was stopped by their mother. They looked over to their sister who was holding a bear with a white ribbon around it's neck close to her body. The boy gritted his teeth. 

"I wan't to help her!" I looked at his mom's big teal eyes as she stared into his two different colored eyes. One Blue. One Violet. He had blonde hair and glasses. a cowlick rested on his scalp. Alphonse pointed accusingly to his sister who had blonde pigtails in. She was adopted from Canada. Her name was Madi. "Enough with that stupid bear!" He shouted at her and smacked the bear from her small hands. Alphonse did have anger issues because of his parents tendacys to always fight. 'I'm leaving!" He stormed through the doors of the place and waited by the car.

(English is not my first language)

The End

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