One Year Later

A year had passed since I saw her.

I couldn't help but think of her

Every passing day.

Something inside me willed her

To return, though I knew she

Never would. Some days I wondered

If the whole thing had been in my head

Like I once thought it before. I wondered

If I had imagined things. But the

Reminder of her rose lips

Told me I had not been dreaming, not imagining.

I often thought about going to her

If my life would've been sacrificed to be with her

Again. I thought about the fact it took me

Only seconds to fall in love.

Slowly I drifted from home,

Away to start my life, and

When I opened the front doors

Of the school I'd study at,

A girl I'd never met

Stood in the center of the room.

She had hair the color of honey

Eyes a warm gray and

The world spun around me.

My breath caught in my throat

And I could not help but dream:

Was it her?

I took slow steps toward the center

Of the room.

"Have we met?"

She asked softly, in the

Warm voice I remembered.

She looked deeply into my eyes and

I could only stare.

"Owen," I whispered.

She jumped back

Startled. "Owen?"

Her rose lips curled into a smile,

"I love that name."

I couldn't help myself-- I whispered,

"I bet I know your name."

She looked at me, confused, and

Before I could tell her she whispered, "Lily."

I smiled, and though I knew it wasn't truly her

I imagined her as the girl I met in my dreams

The girl who was truly Lily and not Eci

The girl who had not killed herself 

But loved life.

And I knew I could go on again.

The End

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