She Revealed

A tear fell, 

It slid down my cheek.

"Who was Lily?

Why was she not real?"

Eci hesitated,

Then revealed,

"Lily is me. Was me.

She was my real form:

My human form.

Who I was before I became

The broken soul I am now."

Another tear fell

From a single eye.

But she did not cry,

Only stood awkwardly,

Revealed more.

"I was only allowed to come

Through reflections.

It was my barrier.

I thought you could redeem me.

Help me to love again. See myself

For more than a murderer.

And you have, Owen.

But I broke the barrier,

What I was forbidden to do,

For the simple reason

That I would begin to love you."

She quieted.

"But I have to leave,

And once I do,

I will be miserable again.

I have ruined myself."

She turned, her eyes

Filled with pain.

"I hurt you, too, Owen.

Many have killed themselves,

To try to be with the ones they loved:

Broken souls. But they have failed

And only gone to hell."

The End

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