Glass ℛeflections

He was just a boy. Until he met her.
In and out of reflections she slipped, touching the ice, almost as if reaching out to him.
He was upset. He told her to never come back.
She could not stay away. She told him she'd never go. And she wouldn't.
An Angel. How were they connected? What did they mean?
He thought he loved her. He knew he loved both of them.
But when explanation spills out, he has to face the fact that he will never be able to love her for who she is.

Icy cold river made smooth,

But when winter traps

Becomes a thick fortress

Of ice. I gaze in at my


In the glossy ice

That once

Was water,

When a fuzzy picture

Of a beautiful girl

Comes into view.

Tripping over my feet,

I gaze back.

Softly, she lifts up a single finger,

And touching the ice from below


I run home,

Barefoot and frostbitten

Hidden in the shadows of

Forested pines.

The End

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