Glade and the Lost Dog

A story I wrote for my daughter about some of her favourite things - fairies, her grandad and dogs.
She likes it, so thought I would share.

It was a normal day when Grandad went for his usual evening walk with his two dogs, Bonnie and Jack.

As usual he loaded them into the back of his car and set off to drive to the beach. Once there he parked in his usual place and set off to do his usual walk. Although he didn’t know it, today was going to be very different from his usual walks.

Grandad walked through a gate and into the wood next to the car park. Inside he let Bonnie and Jack off their leaders and they ran off to explore, Bonnie chasing Jack and barking with excitement.

Grandad was watching the path ahead and keeping an eye on the dogs as he walked through the wood and came out onto the sand dunes at the top of the beach. He stood there for a while watching the clouds float across the sky and the waves break against the sand. There was no one else in sight right the way along the beach. Grandad was pleased. He always preferred it when he had the beach to himself; it let him think.

Grandad whistled for Bonnie and Jack and set off to walk along the beach. He had only gone a short distance when he noticed it getting colder and he felt the wind start to pick up. Zipping his coat higher, Grandad bent his head into the wind and walked on. After all he had a very warm coat and the dogs needed their exercise.

After walking for half an hour Grandad decided to turn back to the car. The wind was blowing stronger now and he could feel spots of rain on his head. With the wind behind him Grandad started to walk back along the beach. He had not gone far when there was a loud clap of thunder. Grandad looked up and saw that the sky was now filled with angry looking storm clouds. The wind began to pull at his clothes and almost knocked him off balance. The rain began to fall harder and Grandad found he could not see very far in front of him. He checked to make sure the dogs were nearby and he started to walk faster towards the car.

The storm got worse the more Grandad hurried. The wind was now starting to howl and he could see it battering the trees in the wood ahead. The rain was so heavy Grandad could barely see through it and he was getting wet under his warm coat. He could see the storm had whipped the sea into a foaming frenzy and the waves were now crashing against the beach sending spray high into the air.

Grandad hurried on and managed to reach the wood. By now he was very wet and keen to get back to the car to go home. He struggled through the wood where the rain had made the paths all slippy and muddy and Grandad got a wet foot when he stepped in a deep puddle. The wind was racing through the trees and whipping branches back and forth. Grandad ducked out the way as the branches seemed to reach out and try to catch him.

Grandad stumbled on and finally reached the gate to the car park. He was cold and wet and the storm clouds had filled the sky so much it was almost dark. Grandad got to his car and unlocked it and turned round to let Bonnie and Jack in, however when he looked only Jack was beside him, soaking wet and shivering. Grandad looked around but Bonnie was nowhere in sight.

“Where is Bonnie?” Grandad asked Jack. Jack just sat and shivered. He did not know where Bonnie was.

Grandad looked around the car park but it was too dark to see very far. He shouted, “Bonnie! Here Bonnie!” but he could barely hear himself over the wind and the rain and the distant rumble of the angry sea.

Grandad pulled out his dog whistle and blew it hard. He had trained Bonnie to come when she heard the whistle, but there was still no sign of her.

Grandad blew and blew and then looked at Jack, “where can she be?” Grandad realized that he had to go and look for her. He put Jack into the car and wrapped him in a towel. Jack shivered and snuggled in, starting to lick himself dry.

Grandad grabbed the torch he kept in the car for emergencies and pulling his hood even tighter he set off back into the wood.

Every twig and leaf was soaking wet and as Grandad pushed through he got soaked to the skin even under his warm coat. The rain soaked his face and the wind snatched at his coat as he struggled along the slippery path. As he went he shone his torch into the trees around him and kept calling “Bonnie!” hoping she would hear him.

Grandad was now very worried and started to get upset. Suddenly through the trees ahead he saw a light. Grandad thought it might be someone else walking a dog and they could help him look for Bonnie.

As he crashed through the trees the light didn’t get any bigger and though he tried to call out he couldn’t hear himself over the noise of the storm and the crash of the sea.

Suddenly the light appeared right in front of Grandad and he saw that it wasn’t a torch; it was a little fairy flying in front of his eyes.

The fairy was wearing a bright green dress and brown leggings. She had small brown boots on and he could see her wings buzzing behind her. Even though the storm raged around her she was dry and the wind seemed to have no effect on her at all. She flew right up to Grandad and smiled warmly at him.

“Hello there,” she said. “I am a Wood Fairy and my name is Glade. It is a very stormy day to be out for a walk.”

Grandad stared at the fairy. He had never seen a fairy before and was not sure he wasn’t dreaming.

Glade looked at Grandad and laughed and as though she knew what he was thinking she said kindly “It is all right to wonder. Not many people have seen fairies before. We keep ourselves secret.”

Glade flew closer to Grandad and he could she had dark brown eyes and a few freckles sprayed across her nose. “I think you’re looking for something...or someone” said Glade with a knowing smile.

“Um...yes…I am actually”, stammered Grandad.

“I think it is a dog called Bonnie”, said Glade with an even bigger smile.

“How did you know that?” Said Grandad in amazement.

“I know everything that happens in this wood. I am the guardian of these trees”, said Glade.

“Well do you know where she is? I am desperate to find her” said Grandad.

“Oh yes, I know just where she is. Follow me!” and with that Glade turned and zoomed off through the trees. She seemed to know that Grandad would struggle to keep up so she flew slowly and chose a path that went through gaps in the trees.

Grandad was watching Glade closely and followed her light. It seemed they had not gone very far when Glade stopped under the branches of the biggest tree in the wood. She flew down towards the ground and pointed.

Grandad looked and saw Bonnie huddled against the base of the tree. She was so wet her fur was dripping and she was lying with her eyes closed quietly whimpering.

“Bonnie!” shouted Grandad and she opened her eyes in a flash and started to wag her tail. She tried to get up but fell backwards and started to whimper again.

Grandad rushed up and saw that one of her back legs was caught in a rabbit hole between the roots of the tree. He gently reached down and felt her leg to make sure it wasn’t broken then he gently eased it out of the hole. As soon as she was free Bonnie ran round Grandad in excited circles barking happily.

“Now that we have rescued Bonnie, I think we better see that you all get home safely. I bet Jack is worried about you both” said Glade with a wink and a smile.

She flew off and Grandad and Bonnie hurried behind her as she made her way through the trees and back onto the path. When they reached the gate back to the car park, Glade turned round and flew back to Grandad. “There. You are all safe and back to the car park. Go home and get warm and dry.”

“Thank you so much for all your help” said Grandad. “I would never have found Bonnie without you.”

Glade did a little curtsey in mid air “I am glad to help. It is my duty and pleasure to help anyone or anything that is in trouble in my wood”.

She flew down and hovered in front of Bonnie and though she didn’t speak it seemed as though she was talking to Bonnie who stood quietly without shivering.

Suddenly Glade flew high into the air and headed back to the woods shouting “goodbye” as she disappeared.

Grandad stood for a while and looked back at the trees but the fairy light had disappeared. He gradually became aware of the wind and rain again and quickly got Bonnie into the car and wrapped her in a dry towel. Jack was thrilled to see her and the two dogs cuddled in together.

Grandad got into the car and turned the heater up. As he drove slowly and carefully home he thought of what happened and realized it would make a lovely story to tell his granddaughter, Abigail.

The End

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