Giving into Love: Home AloneMature

The next morning Jordan woke up to the smell of bacon, eggs, and toast. His mother was in the kitchen cooking for the both of them.  “How did you know I was here?”

“I'm your mother you don’t think I know when my own son is home in his bed or not? I heard you come in last night and I checked to see if you were still here this morning.” She made him a plate and sat it in front of him. She made her own of plate and sat across from her son. As she began to eat she noticed that her son was just playing with the food with his fork. “Jordan is everything ok? You look different today.”

“Mom, he said with a heavy sigh following, “I'm scared for her. Last night they put her in a clean room because she has an infection. I have been with her everyday for the past few weeks and I feel lost that I can’t be right by her side. When I'm at work I feel this heaviness on my chest because I don’t know if she is ok or not. She is the best thing to ever happen to me she makes me want to be a better man.” With that Jordan looked up at his mother, she noticed that her son was on the brink of tears. She got up from the table and walked over to him to comfort him.

“Jordan, she will be fine. The way that you talk about her tells me that she is a strong woman.  It’s normal to worry about someone that you care for especially when they are going through something like this. You will be there for her the best way that you know how.” With that she kissed him on the forehead and sat back in her seat. Jordan took a few bits of his food before heading back to his room to go back to sleep.  


With the sound of the phone ringing Jordan jumped up to get the phone. “Hello?”

“Hey Jordan it’s mom.  I’m at the market and I wanted to know if you wanted anything?”

“No Mom, I’m fine thanks.”

“I don’t want to sleep the day away get up and do something. Enjoy yourself. Do some things around the house, ok.”

“Yea Mom I hear ya. Bye Mom.” With that they hung up the phone. Jordan went back in his room and got back in bed.


Forty minutes later his cell phone began to ring. He reached over to check the caller id. It gave the hospital number. He quickly picked up the phone. “Hello?!”

“Hey babe it’s just me. You sound like you were sleeping. You want me to call back later?”

“No, I’m up. How are you? I miss you.”

“I’m feeling better. I have been sleeping a lot, which is weird seeing as college students aren’t suppose to get a lot of sleep. But what’s going on with you out in the real world? I hope you going out to the movies or something fun while you’re not in here or do you work today?”

“I’ve just been sleeping. I really don’t feel like doing anything but being with you. And I don’t work today; my boss understands that I need some time off so he is letting me take as much as I want.”

Jordan’s mother walked in the front door; “Jordan you better not still be sleeping.” She was at his door.

“Hold on Lin, he turned to face his mother, “No mother I’m up and I’m on the phone. Have some faith that I wouldn’t sleep all day.”

“I’m sorry Jordan I just know how you get. When you are done on the phone come out to the kitchen.” With that, his mother left his room.

“So where were we,” returning his attention to Lin.

“What did you mother mean about she knows how you get? Are you just moping around the house? I want you to do something for me, I want you to go to the movies and see something, and then I want you to tell me about it tomorrow.”

“Lin, I don’t really feel like going out today.”

“Well you need to do something while you’re not with me sleeping all day because moping around isn’t good for you.  Trust me. Get out and have some fun.  But, I’ll talk with you later the nurse is checking in on me.  I miss you.”

“I miss you too and I can’t wait to see you.  Have a good day sweetheart. Talk to you later,” with that they hung up the phone.

Jordan got up and walked out to the kitchen to his mother.

“Hey Mom let me help you with that.”  He walked out to get the rest of the groceries and started putting them away. He could feel his mother watching him as he put things in their correct spot.  He saw her pick up the mail out the corner of his eye, he turned around with a heavy sigh and sat down across the table from her and waited. 

His mother looked up after a few minutes and looked at her son she knew he was waiting for her say what was on her mind.  “How is Lin doing?”

“She is good she has been sleeping a lot.  Mom what is it that you really want to say?”

“I just want to make sure that you’re not going to lay around all day while you can’t be with her.  You are my son and I need to make sure that you are going to be ok no matter what happens.  Your mood cannot reflect the way things are going in the hospital.  I know that you are falling for her and I’m sure that she feels the same way but, I also know that she doesn’t want you just sitting around doing nothing with yourself.  She wants you to keep living.” With that, his mother took a pause so that he could take in what she was saying.

“Mom how do you know what she wants me to do?  What if she just wants me to sit on the phone with her all day and talk to her?”

His mother shuck her head with a little smile on her face, “I know what she wants because she is a woman that is in love with my son. We women know when one of us is in love.  She calls like a woman in love; she called earlier for you while you were sleeping.  She didn’t want to wake you she said that you needed your sleep.  I could hear it in her voice that she is worried for you.  I told her to call you back in a few hours and to try your cell because you wouldn’t be able to hear the house the phone in your room.”  With his mother got up and went back the hall to work on some other house projects. 

Jordan finishing putting the things away and went to get his laptop to look at the movies that were playing in the theater.  Jordan called Pete to see if he wanted to go to the movies with him.  Pete had already made plans for the night.  Jordan ended up going to the movies alone.  When he got there, he got every snack he could and went to find his seat.  He made it half way through the movie before he left he just couldn’t get into the movie like he wanted to.  Instead of going home, he headed to get a bit to eat; he didn’t want his mother to worry about him.  He checked the time to see if it would be too late to try to call Lin before heading home.  It was almost quarter of 12; he decided to wait until tomorrow to call her.

He walked in the door of his house and his mother called out, “how was it?”

He walked into the living room and sat down to tell her how it was.  Before he could even say anything, she shook her head, “you didn’t even stay for the whole movie.  She is going to know; you know that right?  She is a smart woman.” 

“How do you do that?  I didn’t even say anything.  No I didn’t stay for the whole movie.”

“I’m your mother and you are a very bad liar and you have a look on your face asking what you are going to talk about.”  She chuckled, “You are my son that is for sure.” 

He shook his head and kissed his mother, “Goodnight mom.”


As the days passed Jordan’s mother stopped trying to push him to do things with his free time.  He had spoken to Lin over the days that she wasn’t aloud to have visitors.  It had been the longest week of his life.  He could wait to see her tomorrow.  He had gone out to get things for them to do like movies, books, and flowers for her.  He knew that if he were sick he wouldn’t be able to see her.  He tried to go to bed early so that he would be able to be get up and go see her.  As he lay in bed, he was unable to fall asleep, he though about the morning and what she would want to did or if she would want to do anything.

The End

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