Giving into Love: TearsMature

 She got up out of the bed to follow him, “Jordan wait; what’s wrong? I didn’t mean it what ever it was. I’m sorry.”

As he passed through the door he looked back, “You didn’t do anything wrong. I’ll be back soon. Ok.” He gave a half hearted smile as he turned to walk away.

Ready to break down and cry Lin called Pete. “Hey Lin what’s up? You ok?”

“I don’t know what I did wrong? He said that he needs to take a walk. Pete what did I do wrong? I don’t understand.”

“Lin, hold on let me see if I can call Jordan; ok? I’ll call you back after I talk with him.”

Pete and Lin finished there call. Pete called Jordan. “Pete, this really isn’t a good time right now. Can I call you back?”

“Jordan I know it’s not a good time Lin just called me on the brink of crying. What’s going on?”

Pete there is nothing wrong I was just getting a little too excited. So I needed to calm myself down.”

Pete went silent, “Oh. Well that just shut me the hell up didn’t it?  I’m sorry for jumping all down your throat; it’s just that she is my best friend and that’s what we do for each other.”

“Pete I completely understand. But I better get back before she does start crying. Pete I would never do something to hurt her. And thanks. I’ll talk to ya later.” With that they hung up the phone. Jordan was at the door he took a big sigh before entering the room. He walked in the room; it was pitch black and Lin was curled up in her bed trying comfort herself. Jordan thinking that she was sleep walked over to the bed and climbed in trying not to wake her.  He wrapped his arm around her and kissed her on her cheek. He felt the wetness on his lips. He looked at her face and saw the tears; “Baby please don’t cry, you didn’t do anything wrong. It wasn’t you, it was me.” He turned on the light above her bed to see if she stopped crying. He noticed that she was looking a little pail. “Lin are you feeling ok?” He felt her head, “You feel a little hot.”

“I’m not feeling…” With that she passed out.

Jordan got out of the bed and ran out to the nurse’s station. “She just passed out and she feels hot. Can you check on her?”

The nurse ran into the room, “Was she complaining of anything?” The nurse continued to check her over while she waited for Jordan’s answer.

“She said she was tired earlier and she was saying something when she passed out.”

The nurse went over a picked up the phone; Jordan heard her page the doctor over the loud speaker. The doctor came into the room 3 minutes later. After talking with nurse and checking Lin over; he figured out that Lin had an infection.

The doctor walked over to Jordan and told him that he would have to leave. Lin would be moved to another room where she would not be able to have visitors. Jordan tried to ask what was wrong with her but the doctor was not able to give him any information. Jordan walked over to Lin and kissed her on her hand, “I’ll be back as soon as you can have visitors again. I love you.” With that he left the room. He headed over to the nurse, “When will she be able to have visitors again?”

“It will be about a week before she can have visitors again.” She saw the pain in his face, “I’m sorry.”

He turned and walked down to the chapel and sat in the pew. He sat and collected his thoughts. Sat for an hour before he went to see Lin in her new room. As he rounded the corner to her room the nurse told him that he wasn’t able to go into the room. “She isn’t aloud to have people in her room. I’m sorry.”

“Can I say goodnight to her before I leave?”

“I'm sorry but no one is going in that room, she is a clean room.”

Jordan walked up to the window and looked at her, “I’ll be back as soon as I can. I love you.” He left the hospital and headed for home. He headed to his room and laid in his bed just staring at the walls unable to fall asleep. Within the hour he was sleeping.

A few hours later Lin woke up, “Jordan, can you help me? Jordan?” She looked around the room she couldn’t find him. She then realized that she was in a different room. She hit the call button for her nurse. The nurse washed up before she entered the room. She walked over to Lin.

“Where am I and do you know where Jordan is?”

You were moved due to your infection and you aren’t aloud visitors until this infection passes. So I guess he went home. Is there something that I can help you with?”

“Yea, can you help me walk to the bathroom?”

The nurse helped Lin walk to the bathroom and helped her to get back into her bed. She checked her before leaving the room.

Lin meant to ask the nurse when she would be able to have visitors again but fall back to sleep before she could ask.

The End

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