Giving into Love: Time for youMature

At 4:30 Lin heard Jordan’s phone going off. She didn’t even feel him move. She shook him, to wake him up, “Jordan you have to get up. You have to leave to make it to work.” After about 5 minutes he started to move around. Two minutes later he was up. Lin sat up so he could get out of the bed. She watched him as he moved around the room. He looked more tired then usual. “Hey Jordan, when you’re done with work I want you to stay home instead of coming to see me. Ok?”

“Why? I want to come and see you after I’m done with work.”

“Because you are so tired and you’re body can’t handle all of this. You didn’t want to get up when your phone went off. I just want you to get some sleep tonight, some good sleep without having to cut it short or having people in and out of the room. I’ll see you this weekend ok. Have a good day.”

“Lin if I want to spend all of my free time here then that’s cool with me. I don’t care how tired I am. Not if I get to spend time with you. Ok?” He walked over to her and kissed her and left to go to work. He wanted to make sure that she wouldn’t be able to say anything back.

Later that day Jordan walked into Lin’s room, she was sleeping. He walked over to the end of her bed and wrapped his arms around her. She jumped when she felt his arms. “Jordan you scared me. What are you doing here; aren’t you suppose to be at home sleeping?”

“No, I am where I am suppose to be.” Lin moved over in her bed so that he could get in the bed with her. He held her in his arms as they fell asleep for the rest of the day.

Jordan continued to come and stay with Lin after he went to work for the day.

The End

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