Giving into Love: LoveMature


Jordan left the room and went to get them something to eat. After he walked out of the room Lin looked through one of the bags that Pete had brought Lin. There is was a no flame candle. She pulled it out and put it on the table and turned it on. She walked out into the hall and looked for a nurse. She found one sitting at the desk, “Excuse me but do you know if the flower shop is still open?”

The nurse looked up the time for the flower shop, “It is open until 6:30 today.”

“Thank you.” Lin headed back into her room and got some money and went to the flower shop and a card. Lin hurried back to her room to be able to write in the card and put the flowers on the table. She put the card on top of the flowers and got back in her bed and acted like she was sleeping. Ten minutes later Jordan walked in to the room. He headed over to the table to put the food and saw the envelope with his name on it. He looked at her and saw that she was sleeping. He picked it up, opened it, pulled out the card, and read it.


Thank you for being here with me. I know that this can’t be easy and that there are other places that you would rather be then in a hospital. By you being here this has made this some much easier for me. I may never be able to show you how thankful I am that you are here but I am very thankful and grateful.

Not only have you been here for me but you have given me something that I had given up on before I started all of this. You gave and showed me love. I didn’t think that I would find love not now, but it found me. Thank you for everything. I love you too.


Ps I’m not sleeping.

Jordan looked back over to the bed. Lin was still lying down. He walked over to her and ran his hand down her face and then gave her a passionate kiss. After they were done kissing Jordan looked into her eyes. She looked away and he grabbed her chin and brought her eyes back to his. “In the card you said that you love me too, you were awake the other night?”

“Yea, I heard you the other night, I looked up at you, and you were asleep.”

Jordan continued to look at her, “Move forward.”

As she moved forward Jordan kicked off his shoe and climbed behind her. He guided her back into his body and held her. Lin relaxed herself into him. He ran his hands down her arms and met her hands. He intertwined his hands with hers. Lin opened her eyes when she felt his hands with hers, “perfect fit.” With that she knew that this, that they were right. They sat there for a few minutes before Lin turned her head back to Jordan’ “Do you want to eat before the food gets cold?”

“The food can wait I have been wanting to do this for weeks now.”

“What is that?”

“Hold you in my arms.” For the next 45 minutes they sat there.

When the nurse came in Lin tried to move so that the nurse could get the information for the chart. After the nurse got the information for the chart Lin got up to get some food. Jordan squeezed her before letting her go. She turned to him, “Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere.” She started to make a plate when Jordan got out of the bed and went to the table. He started to make himself a plate as well. He pulled out a chair so that they could eat at the table.

After they finished eating Jordan walked over to Lin’s bed and sat in it. Lin went and sat in the bed with him. He picked up the book and began to read aloud. Before Lin knew it she was laying on his chest with her ear to his heart. She fell asleep listening to his heart beat. Jordan looked down to see that she was sleeping. He set his phone to be able to leave for work in the morning.

The End

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