Giving into Love: The simple thingsMature

That Tuesday Jordan came back and surprised Lin. She was up closing the blind to her window when Jordan came in the room. He walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her on her cheek. She winced when he squeezed her waist.   He pulled away from her to look at her. “Lin are you ok?”

“Yea my stomach is just a little sensitive today and I have a little bit of a fever. It’s nothing. Before you came in I was just going to lay down for a bit. But since you’re here that can wait. You want to take a walk or something?”

“No you can lie down. I just wanted to spend sometime with you but if you’re not feeling good. Then I might just wait for you to go to sleep and then leave.”

“No I want you to stay. We can watch a movie or some TV.”

“Well how about I read a book to you again.”

“Ok that works for me. You can pick what ever you want to read.”

“Well I want to read the sequel to that book that I read last time.” Jordan walked over and found the book and went back over to Lin.

Lin opened up the cover to her bed and motioned from Jordan to come and join her in the bed. He climbed into the bed with her. He opened the book and began to read. Lin was trying to keep herself awake. Jordan looked over to her and saw her trying to stay awake. “Lin you can close your eyes. I know your tired; go to sleep. You don’t have to stay awake. I’ll stop reading this time when you fall asleep. Promise.”

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep. Beside then what will you do if I fall asleep?”

“I fall asleep. I worked last night so I could have the day to come up here.”

She yawned, “Ok.”

Jordan began to read again. Within 15 minutes he felt Lin’s body relax completely, she was asleep. He put the book down on her table and then kissed Lin and closed his eyes. Before he fell asleep, he whispered in Lin’s ear, “I love you.”

Lin opened her eyes and lifted her head to look at Jordan. He was asleep. She laid her head back on his chest and went back to sleep.


Later that evening Lin woke Jordan up. “Hey sleepy head.” She shook him and he started to stir around before waking up.

He opened his eyes remembering where he was, “Is everything ok?”

“Yes, I'm fine I just wanted to make sure you don’t have to go to work.”

“I work tomorrow during the day so I can stay for some of the night before I have to leave.”

“Well do you want to do anything? It is like 6 o’clock. So we slept most of the day away.”

“Well do you want to watch a movie or do you want to finish the book?”

“Let’s finish the book,” she reached over and picked up the book. “I know you want to finish reading it.”

“Well do you want to eat before we start the book? I’m starving. I can run out and get something.”

“Yea that’s fine I’ll be here, waiting. Get what ever you want to eat.”

The End

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