Giving into Love: FallingMature

When the morning came both of them slept through until that afternoon. When the afternoon came around the day nurse woke up Lin to do her chart. When Lin started to move around Jordan woke up to see the nurse checking Lin. He got out of the bed, “I'm going to wait outside the door.”

Lin looked up at him, “You can stay in the room if you want, she is almost done.”

Jordan sat in the chair and watched all of the things that were done to Lin.

After the nurse left the room Jordan asked, “What do you want to eat? I'm going to run and get something.”

“Whatever you want it doesn’t matter to me.”

As Jordan got up and headed to the door, “Wait Jordan I haven’t had fresh fruit in awhile how about that?”

Jordan gave her a smile, “Sounds good to me,” he walked out the door.

Lin picked up the book that Jordan had been reading. She opened it to find that he had finished the book. She then realized that Jordan had been up most of the night. With Jordan out getting something to eat she picked up her book and began to write.

            Last night Jordan stayed with me after I had my treatment. He was great he got up, helped me, and he would carry me to and from the bathroom. He slept next to me. It was a calming effect to have him sleeping next to me. To feel the warmth of his body was something that I have longed for and now that I have had it I don’t think that it will be something that I will ever forget. I know understand why people say that they can’t sleep when there significant other is not there. Him staying the night is something that I could get use to. I hope that he will want to stay again with me. I think that I’m falling for him.


With her finishing that sentence Jordan walked back into the room with a bag full of fruit. He went to the table and set the bags on the table. He washed the fruit and began to cut it up. Once they finished eating Lin had Jordan come into her bed, she laid her head on his shoulder, “I know that you didn’t sleep last night.”

“How do you know that, you were sleeping?”

“You finished the book.”

“I read and watched you sleep.” Lin lifted her head and kissed him on the lips and laid her head back down on his shoulder. They slept for the rest of the day until the night nurse came in. Later that day Jordan left to go back home. He kissed Lin goodbye.


The End

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