Giving into Love: He VisitsMature


Friday came around. Lin had received her wig the day before. She wanted it to be ready to use her wig for Jordan’s visit, the phone rang, “Hello.”

“Hey Lin this is Pete, I’m not going to be coming in today. I know Jordan is coming in and I want you two to be able to have time together.”

“Pete what if he can’t handle all of this? Then what am I to do? Besides I got a wig for this night. We were going to do a movie night with the movie he sent me.”

“Well he has being wanting this time so I’m not going to stand in the way. I’ll see your wig the next time. Have fun and relax tonight. If you need me just call. I’ll talk to you later.”


Jordan walked up to the door and knocked. It was five minutes till 6. “Hey Lin.” He had a tan teddy bear in his arms with flowers. He walked over and kissed her on his forehead.

“Hey Jordan. Thank you for the things that you sent me.”

“Your welcome. Where is Pete I wanted to thank him again?”

“Pete is not coming. He called this morning to say he wasn’t coming. So do you want to watch the movie?”

“Can we talk for a bit and then watch the movie? Did you eat yet?”

“No I didn’t eat yet.”

“Ok good I will be right back.”


Jordan went to his car to get the food that he had picked up on the way to see Lin. While outside Jordan called Pete. “Pete how do you do this; how do you look at her without breaking down right then and there?”

“This is the weakest I have ever seen her. This is just as hard for her as it is for you just to let us see her so weak. She doesn’t like to show weakness. Besides if I breakdown right there then the next time she might not let me come back and see her. She doesn’t need me to cry for her, she needs me to be strong for her. When I leave is when I breakdown, sometimes in the car, sometimes at home, anywhere but there. It’s not what she wants nor needs.”

“Thanks Pete.”

“Anytime Jordan.”


He returned a few minutes later with bags in his hands.

“What is all of this?”

“Well I wanted this to be another date so I brought some food. I have a lot of it because Pete was going to be here.”


Jordan started pulling out all of the food. He had everything from American foods to Spanish foods. They talked and ate the food. A little over and hour later Jordan started to put the food away. After he put the food away he grabbed the movie and put it in the DVD player. As the previews were playing Jordan sat in the chair and just looked at Lin.

“Do I have food on my face?”

“Oh, no,” he turned to look around the room to stop staring, “I just want you to be comfortable with me. And I want to see you without that on.” He walked over and ran his hand through her hair. “I want to see the real you.”

She looked at him and then put her head down. She brought her hands up to the back of her head and began to take her wig off.

“This is me.” She looked down at her hands holding the hair.

He lifted her chin, “This is beautiful.”

She moved over so that he could sit on the bed with her. He wrapped his arm around her and she rested her head on his shoulder. Once the movie was over they stayed where they lay. They talked about the movie for a bit. Jordan saw that Lin was getting tired and decided that he better go. Lin knew it was a good idea she had her treatment tomorrow. He looked at her, “Can I come and see you again?”

“If you want to.”

“What do you want? Do you want me to come again?”

“Yes I would like that.”

He started to gather all of his bags. Once they were together he walked over and kissed her on the cheek and then the forehead, “Sweet dreams. I’ll call you tomorrow.” He walked out the door and left the hospital. When Jordan got to his car he broke down. He prayed and cry for Lin.

            God please don’t take her. I want her to be in my life I don’t know why but I feel like there is more that is to happen between us. I want to get to know her better. I want to show her love, if I can. I have never had to show someone love and I hope that I will know how to. I know that we haven’t talked in years but please don’t take her.”

He sat in his car for an hour crying and praying before he headed home.


Over the next few weeks Jordan had came to see Lin. Always waiting to breakdown after he left her for the day. His car had become his safe haven.

The End

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