Giving into Love: Giving it a ChanceMature

Like usual Lin woke in the middle of the night. Since she was up, she decided to write in her book.

            Today Pete and Khael came to visit me. Khael kicked Pete out to have time to talk to me. He talked to me a bit about Pete and Jordan feelings with everything. I was shocked and a little upset to learn that Pete and Jordan have been talking and Pete hasn’t told me. Pete didn’t give me a look of pity today he gave me a look that I have never seen from him but it was a look that I liked. After I got back from my treatment he gave me a kiss on a forehead, it was the first time in awhile that he has done something like that. He doesn’t give me hugs anymore and I miss it. I was happy that he gave me that simple kiss. Khael gave me that look that I hate. He couldn’t help it but it still hurts to see it. I didn’t think he would ever give me the look but all it took was time.

Today Jordan called me and we talked for a little bit. He asked me again if he could come and see me. I just don’t know if he can deal with me looking like this. I do miss him, we were talking everyday but then I stopped picking up the phone because it was too much, the pain in his voice when I would tell him no.


Pete was up moving around when Lin woke up, “You were always the one to be up in the morning even if you didn’t have anything to do for the day.”

As soon as she said that he stopped moving around. “Sorry if I woke you. You ready to eat? I was going to go out and get something.”

“Sure I could eat.”

Pete gathered his things and headed toward the door, “By the way Jordan called for you last night during your treatment. Call him back, ok.” Pete walked out the door.


Once Pete was outside the hospital he sent a  text to Jordan. “Hey it’s Pete. Call Lin and here is my address.”


Jordan did what Pete said; 5 minutes later Jordan was calling Lin. “Please pick up. Please pick up. Please.”


“Lin. This must be my lucky week being able to get on the phone.”

“Or you just talked to Pete.”

“Well yea, maybe I had some help.”

They continued to talk for the next 45 minutes. Before getting off the phone Jordan asked to be able to come and see her.

Lin sat for a minute thinking. “Yes you can come but not until the end of next week. Pete will probably be here when you come.”

“Ok. I’ll be there. I can’t wait to see you.”

With that their byes were said and Pete walked back into the room.

“How long were you out there?”

“That doesn’t matter. I just wanted you to be able to talk with him.”

“You were the one that told him to call. I got you Pete.”

They ate the food that Pete brought and talked about her phone call. Pete left her later that afternoon. Lin knew that he wanted to spend time with Khael so she told him that she would just be sleeping the rest of the day.”


Wednesday came and Pete walked into her room. “Hey."

"What are you doing here?”

“Sorry I had to drop this off to you.”

“What is it? You know that I don’t like when you get me stuff.”

“I don’t know what it is. I didn’t get it for you. Jordan did. So you can't be mad at me.”

She opened the box, it had 2 DVD, one of the movie they had went to see on their date, one that had  post it on it saying play me, a DVD player, and pictures of Jordan. Lin hooked the DVD player up and put the DVD with the post it on it into the DVD player. The DVD started to play.

            Hey Lin

            I just wanted to give you some things before I come to visit you this week. I know you said that you really wanted to see the movie so I figured that I would give it to you and I didn’t know if you had a DVD player. And the pictures are so we can see each other everyday. I miss you. Tell Pete thanks for me.

                        By the way I hope you liked my kiss. And I can't wait to see you this weekend.


Lin looked up at Pete, “What does he mean when he said that he hopes I liked his kiss?”

“He asked me to give you a kiss on the forehead that night you were in treatment. I told you he called that night.”

Lin told Pete that Jordan was coming on Friday the same time Pete would be coming to see her. Pete knew that he would cancel on Friday to give Jordan the time that he wanted.

The End

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