Giving into Love: QuestionsMature

A few weeks later Pete and Khael helped Lin cut off her hair. While Khael was there he kicked Pete out of the room to be able to talk to Lin alone. “It is time for the best friend and the boyfriend to talk. Pete you have to leave the room.” Pete gave Khael a strange look and left the room.

Lin smiled, “I guess I don’t scare you anymore if you want to talk to me alone.”

“No Lin you don’t scare me any more. Pete tells me that you won’t let him come and stay with you when you get your treatments anymore. Why? He really wants to be here for you?”

“The way that he looked at me that night that I got my first treatment done, was a look that I don’t want to have to see again.”

“Pete also said that you won’t let Jordan come to visit you. He told me that man has called you everyday even when you haven’t picked up the phone for a week. Pete said that Jordan has even called him.”

“I don’t want him to see me like this. And some days I just don’t want him to hear him because then I will start to cry. Because I know he will want to come and see me but I don’t need that look of pity from him or you for that matter. So stop giving me that look.”

He turned away from her. “Khael it's ok you can’t help it.” Lin’s phone began to ring.

 Khael looked her, “Aren’t you going to answer it?”

She looked at Khael, “No it’s Jordan. He calls at the same time everyday. You could set a watch by it.”

“You’re not going to pick it up?” Kheal walked over to the phone and picked it up. “My mother taught me to pick up a phone when it is ringing. Hello. Hold on she is right here.”

He handed Lin the phone. She mouthed to Kheal, “I got you.” And then turned her attention to the phone, “Hello.”

Lin talked to Jordan for the next 20 minutes with Khael hanging on her every word, “Ask him to come and visit”, he whispered to Lin.

Lin shook her head no. “Jordan I have to go I have a nurse coming into my room.” Jordan let her go but not before asking about coming to visit her. She told him that she still needed to think about it.

Khael walked over to her and slapped her on the arm. “What is wrong with you, why didn’t you stay on the phone and ask him to come and visit?”

She punched him right back what is wrong with you picking up the phone. I didn’t want to talk to him.”

“You need to talk to him. I saw that smile on your face.”

Pete walked back into the room.

“What was she smiling about?” Pete handed her the bag and sat at the end of the bed.

“She got a call from Jordan and I picked up the phone. So she had to talk to him.”

“Yea Pete, you taught him so well.” Lin looked in the bag that Pete gave her. It was cheesecake, something Lin had missed. “Thanks for the cake but it will have to wait, I have a treatment later, and this would kill me later.”

“Would you like me to stay for your treatment? I don’t have to work tomorrow.”

“No you and Khael probably want to spend some time together. I’ll be fine.”

“Lin Pete can stay. We’re going to spend sometime together later this week so he is all yours. But I have to get going I’ll see you guys later. I hope it goes good tonight. Bye guys.” Khael kissed Pete bye and gave Lin a hug bye. He rushed his way out before Lin could stop him.


Later that day Lin left for her treatment. Pete waited in the room for her to return. The phone rang. Pete picked it up, “Hello.”

“Hello. Pete is this you?”

“Yea Jordan. Hey Lin’s not here right now she is at her treatment.”

“I guess I can’t get lucky twice in one day. But since I have you can I talk to you?”

“Yea what’s up?”

“Why won’t she let me come and see her? And she never answers the phone when I call. I always call at the same time and nothing. She can’t be out of her room all of the time. Does she not like me anymore?”

“I don’t know why she won’t let you come and see her. She does still like you. I don’t think she wants anyone to she like this. She is in her room most of the time. I think that she doesn’t want to remember the pain that is in your voice and then the what -ifs. She does have a lot of time to think while here and that is not always a good thing. But I can talk to her about you coming up to see her.”

“If you could that would be great. I really would like to come and see her. I miss her. This is weird because we didn’t do much, but now since she stopped taking my calls I just miss her. Can I send you stuff to give to her to do while there?”

“Yea that should be fine. But I’ll get you the address to you later she is on her way back and this is the hard part of the treatment. Have a good night Jordan.”

“Have a good night to Pete and can you give her a kiss on the forehead for me? Thanks Pete. Bye”

 With that Pete put the phone back on the hook. Pete walked over to Lin after she had been moved into her bed and kissed her on the forehead. “Sweet dreams Lin.”

The End

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