Giving into Love: Trying something newMature

With in the next hour they left the club. When they got back everyone got out of the car. Lin looked over to Jordan. He saw her looking, “I’m going to walk you to your door. Besides there is the matter of our date that needs to be set up.”

Pete headed to his apartment and left Lin and Jordan to talk. Lin and Jordan went into Lin’s apartment. They picked their date for that Thursday night. After they talked for a few minutes Jordan left Lin’s apartment.


Thursday night took ages to get there for Jordan and Lin. Jordan picked Lin up at 7:00. They went to dinner and began to talk. Jordan started with asking, “Why didn’t you want to go on the date?”

“I don’t think it is fair to you to have the chance to fall for me if I might not have a future.”

“Well that should be up to me, right?”

“I guess it should be up to you but it is always up to me.”

“Lin I would like to visit you while you are in Philly getting your treatment. I mean if you’re aloud to get visitors.”

“I am aloud to have visitors, but I’m only going to have my family and Pete visit me. I don’t want people to see me like that. It’s just the look of pity that people give me when they come to see me.”

Jordan had a half-hearted smile,  “I understand.”

“We’ll see how my treatments start out then I’ll let you know.”


They finished their dinner and headed to the movies. While at the movies they didn’t talk much. It was one of the things that Lin had told him that she didn’t like movie talkers. Half way through the movie Lin fell asleep. Jordan let her sleep thinking that is was still spending time with her. He wanted to get as much time as he could with her. Jordan continued to watch the movie, but every once in a while he would watch Lin sleep. After the movie was completely over credits and all he woke her up. “Lin, Lin. The movie is over.”

She woke up and looked at him. “I am so sorry. I don’t usually fall asleep during a movie.”

“Don’t worry about it. You were peaceful and you said you loved me.”

“No I didn’t.”

They started heading toward his car. “Well I was hoping you would say it.”He smiled.

They started driving back to her apartment. Jordan got out of the car and walked her to her door.

“I had a great time”, he said.

“So did I. I’m sorry for falling asleep on you during the movie. The sad thing is that I really wanted to see that movie too.”

He gave her a kiss, “Well if I get to come visit you we can finish watching it then.”

She smiled and opened her door, “We’ll see. Goodnight.”

“Sweet dreams Lin.” He turned and walked to his car with a big smile on his face.



Three days later Lin got on the train to go to Philly after spending time with her family at home. She was met at the train station by Pete. “How was your trip?” Pete grabbed her bags from her.

“It was good. I did a lot of thinking.”

They headed to their platform to catch the train to the hospital. “Well you know how thinking is for you, it is never good. What were you thinking about?”

“Before we left Jordan asked me if he could come and see me while I am in the hospital. I don’t know if I want to let him come and see me like that.”

“You should let him come and see you. He really likes you. He talked to me before we left school about you and wanting to come and see you.”

“Well I’ll think about it and I’m not sure.”

They got on the train and headed to the hospital. Lin laid her head on Pete shoulder and just enjoyed looking out the window.


They made it to the hospital and went to Lin’s room. In the room there was a man standing that Lin had only ever seen in pictures. “Khael what are you doing here?" She turned, "Pete what is he doing here?”

“I wanted you to meet him and I know that you didn’t want anyone to see you while you were getting your treatments, so I had him come before you were to start you treatments.”

Khael walked over to Lin and gave her a big hug.

They all sat and chatted for a bit and then they helped Lin set her room up for the next month and a half.


Lin’s first treatment was hard on her. Pete came to spend the night with her. While Pete was sleeping she wrote in her book.

            Pete came today to help me through my first treatment. I know now that after seeing his face that I won’t ask him to come and stay with me again. This was harder for him then me. He just looked like he had seen death today and I can’t put him through that again. I know he will ask me to come again and I will tell him that I’ll be fine the next time. I also now know that I will not let Jordan come and see me while I’m getting my treatments. Just the look on Pete’s face was hard enough. That one look of pity is all I can take. Soon I will lose my hair. I’m going to ask Pete and Khael if they will help me cut it off. I always told Pete that one day I would rock short hair and now I will.

The End

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