Giving into Love: Her secert comes outMature

By 12:15 they were ready to head out to the club. “We can take my car since I’m the double d.” Jordan led them to his car.

“Lin you can sit in the front you know how I am with cars.” Pete opened the back door and crawled in the car.

As they headed to the club they listened to music. Every once in a while Pete saw them both, Jordan and Lin, steal a look, never seeing that the other was looking. Pete knew that he had to try and make Lin see that she should be with Jordan.

“Lin is it too cold for you? I can put my window up, it is cold out.”

“No Pete I’m good. Thanks”

 They got in to the club 40 minutes later. “Hey I have to use the bathroom.” She handed her things to Pete.

“Hey Pete why won’t she go on the date with me? Do you know?”

“I do know, but it is not my place to tell you she has to tell you. I’m sorry. I do know that she has liked you since last year. But you have to talk to her. She is having a…”

“I’m having what? Pete?” Lin walked up behind them.

“Nothing lets go and have some fun.”

They went to the dance floor.

Lin left the dance floor and went to the bar to order a drink. Jordan waited a few seconds and followed her.

“Lin why won’t you take the date with me? I really want to get to know you better. Tell me what ever it is that you have to tell me, what ever it is I’ll be cool with it.”

Lin took her drink and ordered two shots more, one for her and one for Jordan.

“I’ll tell you after we get the two shots. You might need this.” She took her shot, set the glass down and looked at him. “I’m dying.” After she said it she paid for the drinks, and she walked back out to the floor.


Jordan was still standing there looking shocked. He picked up his shot and drank it. He walked over to Pete and pulled him aside. “Pete we have to go.”

“Why is there something wrong? You’re not looking to good.”

“She’s dying. Pete, she is dying. We have to get her home.”

Pete shook his head, “Jordan I’m sorry that she told you like this, but this is what she wants to do. She is in treatments. That is why she is never here on the weekends anymore. When she goes home for break she will be going to Philly to get her treatments. She wanted to have fun with her friends before she started her treatments. So if that is why you want to leave is because she is sick then you might as well wait because she doesn’t want to be treated any differently.”

“You know that she is sick? And you let her out doing all of this?”

“Yea this is what makes her happy and soon she will be back in the hospital. Besides when I go to visit her I want to have something to make her happy.”

“I understand. We will leave when she is ready.”


Jordan went back on to the dance floor and started dancing with Lin. He got closer to her and wrapped his arms around her. “I still want to have that date with you.”

She turned and looked at him “I’m sorry but we can’t.” She pulled away from him and continued to dance.

He pulled her closer, “I’m not going anywhere. I want this.” He squeezed her when he said it.

“I’m not going to give up. So you might as well say yes because I’m just going to keep asking you and coming around.”

She pulled away again, “And I can keep saying no. It’s not fair to you to get involved with me. There is no guarantee that the treatment will work.”

He pulled her closer, holding her tighter then before. “If I want to get involved with you then let me. And there are no guarantees in life. Go on the date with me.”

She didn’t pull away from him this time. She laid her head back on to his shoulder, “Yes.”

The End

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