Give the box back

Melinda tucks the tissue back in the box and starts to go in the direction the footprint is pointed. After a few minutes she thinks she sees a man in the forest.

"Hey!" She shouts. "I have your tissue paper..." That is as far as she gets before she falls through the ice beneath her.  She stands up and looks around. It looks like a underwater cavern. Suddenly a snake drops down from the hole and Melinda lets out a piercing shriek. She looks more closely and realizes it's just a rope. She could fling it over the branch above the hole and climb out. Or she could explore the cavern. She sees a an odd mark in wall. She goes closer and sees a mark in the wall. She looks more closely and realizes it is shaped like her locket. She puts it there only to quickly pull it away. The wall had tried to absorb her locket. She looks at it wondering what to do.

The End

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