Give, Take, Run

This is a branch story with some rules- firstly, every branch must put the character, Melinda, into a position where she can either give, take, or run, and those will be the names of the next three branches. The way in which you tell your chapter is completely up to you- poetry, prose, or whatever else you can think of...

let's begin.



Melinda brushed her dark chocolate hair behind her, but it was a useless gesture, as the wind had no intention o letting the world see her face that day. It didn't matter, though- no one could see her crying over the bronzed, star shaped locket in her lap because no one was there. Perhaps the inch of snow on the ground was to blame, but she was heedless of the cold. 

Another sniffle brought with it a crunch of footsteps, and Melinda's green- eyed gaze was just quick enough to see a tissue box in midair, sailing towards her. She made no attempt to catch it, and was rewarded with a rather hard bump on the temple. Not that it mattered. There was a single footstep in the snow that had not been there, but still not a single living thing stirred around her. Apprehensively, Melinda picked up the tissue box from the ground, and plucked out  a single, flimsy sheet. What does she do?

The End

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