Starting from the Beginning.

My first story, and the most personal I'll ever write. Be nice?

I was born in Bury, England on the 7th August 1999. I've always been really oddly proud of my star sign, Leo. I've never really been sure why, considering it symbolizes passion, and being outgoing and confident, something I had and lost a long time ago. Anyway, lets carry on.

My mum and dad never got on. She was 19 when I was born and he was in his 30's I think, everyone keeps all of these secrets from me. He was abusive and she was young and stupid. I have no idea why she didn't have an abortion and run for the hills, because I believe we stayed as a messy, dysfunctional family for a few months before she left. ( I overheard all of this on holiday, when everyone thought I was asleep and decided to talk about me behind my back and 'slag my dad off' as my 11/12 year old self put it. But I didn't know any of this, I thought he was amazing. ) Nobody's ever told me what happened before or after this, everyone is hiding everything from me for some reason, and they say they'll tell me when I'm 18, but that's 5 years of not knowing who I am and where I come from, right? Still, off topic, since we're starting at the beginning now. She got with my step-dad when I was about 12 months old, I think. Then I'm not sure of what happened for a while, but this part of the story isn't really the most important part, that comes a lot later.

The End

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