Episode 14

*** OWAS Helios, Five hours later, Halcyon System, Elysium Jump Point***

“So that is the plan? O’Brian, you are one crazy son of a-“ Malachi was stunned. It was such a risky plan. The idea of jumping nearly the entire fleet nose to tail with virtual no delay between jumps was unsettling. So much could go wrong with it leading to their deaths, but it would mask their jump signatures and make them appear to be a much larger craft. So long as no one spotted them in Halcyon, and that it worked. But it just might work! “I don’t know if I should space you now and rid myself of the trouble! But, this plan is great, and if this Shaw is as dangerous as it sounds, it is worth the risk. And it will certainly help me present my case when we make it to Earth.”

O’Brian smirked at the response given by Malachi. During the briefing Malachi showed some redeeming qualities by asking questions regarding the risk and tactical plans, and developing a strategy to close with the Artemis once in system. O’Brian could tell that Malachi cared about his crew and was honest in his issues against the Empire, but his insatiable ego and pride obviously also clouded his ability to think on strategic terms and see the big picture of what he actions were to cause. O’Brian reflected about his view of Malachi, and he felt that perhaps they were not all that different. After all, O’Brian would not normally engage in this reckless operation, but his desire for revenge clouded his own mind as well.

“Then it is set. I sure wish we still had the Retaliator, it would have really added to our force projection capabilities…” Franklin paused with a sly look on her face as she looked at Malachi. Malachi began to open his mouth to speak but Franklin resumed before he spoke “The Centurion is going to be a challenge. I do believe that it will be weakened by trying to tow the Artemis through the jump point, but, I can’t say it will be enough to give us a clear advantage”

“I agree. We need to ingress at max burn, launch torps at minimum range, dumbfire mode, and egress quickly. Escorts will be acting as a screen to keep fighters from going after our thrusters. Stick to that plan, and we eliminate Shaw and finish off a carrier. There is no need to engage the Centurion, and if we luck out and can get an off axis approach it will delay their ability to pursue us to give a safety margin. I just have one request. We launch a communication probe to New Haven before we jump and inform them what actions we are taking so they can prepare for an imperial military response.” O’Brian, look with intensity at Malachi, hoping he would at see the advantage in granting this request.

“Request granted. Now, O’Brian and Franklin, please come join me on the bridge, I want to make sure both of you can share in my moment of glory and triumph as a gift for the work you have done here.“ Malachi turned around and began walking to the bridge. Franklin quickly prepped a briefing message and provided some other secret instructions for the Alliance. Once completed O’Brian and her headed to the bridge. 

The End

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