Everyone seemed to know who I was when I came back from the hospital, and I have to say, it was making me very embarrassed. It was Valentines day and everyone was in couples. I walked in with my blue rucksack on my back, holding my English and Maths books in my arms, shaking. I was hoping Madison would come and ask me how I was, but she gave me evil looks all day. I knew I'd have to see Jake and Caitlin, they were in my maths class. But thankfully, that wasn't until after lunch. So I could say I felt sick and leave the class.

"Aubree! Over here!" I turned around to see Kylie, the head of the gymnastics team. I turned back, thinking she might be taking the mick, but she walked over to me and grabbed my wrist. "Aubree. I wanted to see if you were okay. I know it must be difficult with all these eyes staring at you. I know what its like. People are selfish, only caring about gossip. I was hoping we could be better friends. Here," She handed me a piece of paper. "This is my e-mail and mobile number. If you need someone to talk to, I'm here." She smiled and walked back to her locker. 

The rest of the day consisted of a lot of stares. I hadn't seen Aiden all day, I was getting worried. The bell rang for lunch and I went and sat with Madison, but as soon as I sat down, she stood up and walked away. "Madison?"
"What do you want?" She was speaking in the voice she used when she wanted to slap you.
"What have I done wrong? You've avoided me all day and didn't come and see me in hospital. Are we not friends anymore?" 
"Aiden found me and Sam. Then dumped me. For you. I hope you're happy. You finally got him. I'm going over Sam's tonight, don't talk to me anymore." I could feel tears in my eyes, but I held them back and walked calmly out of the lunch hall. I stared at the ground, making sure no-one could see my eyes, but I ran straight into a rock hard object, making me drop my books. 
"Oh my god! I'm so sorry! Let me help you." I looked up to thank them, but I pushed them away when I realised who it was. A swish of blood red hair brushed my face as they looked at me. "Oh its you. Here take them back. Wouldn't want emo on me."
"Oh, sorry Caitlin. I don't want slut on my books. I'm going to go burn them." She sent daggers at me with her eyes. Just before I left the corridor, I looked back at her, "Oh by the way, just a little thing. Jake came to see me in hospital, telling me how much he loved me and wished we never broke up. He kissed me and tried to have sex with me." Her jaw fell open. "Here's a tip. Don't go for someone else's boyfriend. Sluts don't finish last." I walked away.

Maths turned out to be a more fun than I had thought. Caitlin was sitting four seats away from Jake, who was alone. Unfortunately, Aiden wasn't in school, so I had to partner up with Jake. Caitlin screeched at the teacher saying she would go with him. But she was told she had to work with Madison. I could hear them bitching about me, my eyes began to tear up again. I walked over to Jake and sat down. "Hey, how are you? I've been worried." I ignored him and wrote down the equations. "x+2y=4 what are x and y. Well x could be 1, so could y. But they could also be 2. I'll just guess." He grabbed my legs and turned me to look at him
"Aubree. Please don't ignore me. I miss you."
"Miss. Jake's touching me inappropriately. Can I work alone please?"
"Oh. Of course. Jake please go to the head's office and you can explain why you're there."
I knew I shouldn't have said it, but there were two reasons why I did. One, it would get me away from him. Two, Caitlin would hate him even more.

Besides the fact that Aiden didn't show up, it had been a great day. I hopped in my car and drove back to my house. My mum was making dinner. "Oh hey babe. There's a surprise upstairs" Confused, I dumped my bags on the sofa and went upstairs. Thinking there would be my dad in a funny costume, or my brother in his new morph suit, I pushed my bedroom door open. It was dark, but dimly lit by about ten tea-lights. There was a box of my favourite chocolates and a bouquet of red roses. I looked over to my bed and saw 'Will you be my Valentine' written on a large piece of blue card in red ink. There was no-one in my room. Then the door creaked closed and there was Aiden, holding a red rose.

The End

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