I opened the binder and notes upon notes fell out, all in Aubree's handwriting. He kept every note, every cinema ticket and still left her. I knew I couldn't show this to Aubree, it would break her completely. I think Jake knew it too. I kissed Aubree's hand and went outside. 
I went up to a couple of people and asked them for a lighter. I eventually got one and asked if I could keep it, after a small struggle, he let me have it. 

I got in the car and drove to a field. The field where I tried to teach Aubree to swim. Where we first met after school. So many memories rushed through my mind, I knew there would be so many more if Aubree pulled through. 

I took out all the notes and cinema tickets and pilled them up. I took a picture and sent it to Jake with the message:
      You know what I have to do. I'm sorry, but it's for the best and you know it. Say goodbye."

I never got a reply. 

I flicked the lighter and set fire to one of the tickets and dropped it onto the pile. I stood back and watch Aubree's love life burn. 
I waited for the fire to stop and stomped out the ashes before going back to the car, to go to the hospital. 

When I got there, Aubree was awake and eating a bar of chocolate. Her face glowed when she saw me.

She was back, for good. I'd make sure of it.

The End

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