"Aubree, baby its me. I'm so sorry baby. I love you so much. Please don't leave me." 

I had no idea she was this upset about us, if I knew, I wouldn't have left her. I hate myself for all the things I did to her. I knew Caitlin wasn't worth it, she even went and slept with someone else. Aubree was the only one I wanted. I would not let Aiden have her. She was mine and I would not let go.

But when she was on the hospital bed, I knew I wouldn't be right for her anymore. 
I waited for Aiden to arrive, I kissed Aubree softly on her forehead and walked out. I got on the bus and went home. I pulled out a binder from under my bed and took my car back to the hospital. 
  I walked up to Jake and Aubree, she was awake. Well, she was on a oxygen machine and was stable. I looked at Aiden, he stared back at me with anger. "How could you just leave like that?! You left her when she fainted, then you have the audacity to come back and see her! Don't you dare come near her!" 
"I know. I didn't leave though, I've come back and I promise I won't go near her. I wanted to give you this." I handed him the binder and walked out.

She was gone. Forever.

The End

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