„Aubree didn't come to school for the next two days. I knew something had happened with Jake, I couldn't just stand back and let him hurt her. I had to see him. „I got into my car and drove to his house, I had the unfortunate job of driving Aubree to his house when her parents said she couldn't see him, so I knew exactly where the slimeball lived. „I pulled up in the nearby park and got out. Walking to his house seemed to take forever and I knew I didn't want to be there, because there was a chance Aubree was too. „I pushed the doorbell and a few seconds later Jake opened the door. He had a dressing gown on and seemed to have nothing on underneath. "What are you doing here? You won. You got her, now leave me alone." He went to slam the door on me, but I pushed my hand out and stopped him. "What did you do to her? She hasn't been at school for two days and won't return my calls or texts. Her parents won't let me in and she hasn't been eating. What have you done!?" His eyes widened and he slammed the door. I stood there blankly for a few minutes. He came out and pushed past me. "Well come on then. You drive." 
"What are you talking about? You're not coming in my car."
"Do you want to see her or not. I can get to her room, but I need you to drive me." I knew he was right and I didn't want him to come with me, but we had to go together. 
"Fine. But you so much as touch her, I'll make sure you can never see her again." 

We got into the car and sped through the traffic to her house. Her parents would be at work, so it was a perfect time to sneak in. "Okay, I'm only showing you this because you'll probably be dating her soon. Okay? You cannot tell anyone or even let Aubree know I showed you, okay?"
"Sure, whatever. Just hurry up!" He picked up a small stone near the door and underneath was a key. He picked it up and opened the front door. As he did the burglar alarm screeched through the house. He punched in the code, 2-3-1-4 and sighed. "I miss this. I'm such an idiot!" I knew that already. I left him downstairs and sped up the stairs. I opened Aubree's door and saw her on the bed with her arm out of the covers, coated in blood. 
"AUBREE! Wake up! Wake up, please! Aubree, its me Aiden! Jake's here too, please wake up!" Jake came in and went to the other side of her bed. He felt for her pulse, my heart was in my throat. "She's alive, just shake her and I'll call an ambulance." 
"Aubree, its Aiden. Babe please wake up." I tried to shake her softly, but I was so scared I couldn't help myself.

The ambulance arrived ten minutes later and Aubree still hadn't woken up. The paramedic asked who would go in the ambulance with her. I told Jake to go, he didn't hesitate and I got into my car. 

The End

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