A New StartMature


It had been two weeks since Jake had left me, unconscious on the ground. Two weeks since my heart had shattered. Two weeks since I'd decided Aiden was the one.

 Come on Aubree. We've got maths.

He smiled. He never stopped smiling. We held hands on our way to maths, but everyone knew we weren't together. 

For some reason, we just couldn't do it. He was like a brother. 

 Aubree. You know I love you don't you. And you know I've never felt this way about anyone before, right?

What was I supposed to say. Spew out my hidden feelings for him?

  I love you too Aiden. But we're too close for anything to happen.

That was a lie. We both knew what happened a week ago.

The heat that erupted from our bodies. The urge that couldn't be held back anymore. The hour of kisses and hot bodies touching. 
I lost my virginity that night. But it was something I regretted more than anything. 
Loosing it to him wasn't the problem. Loosing it so soon was. 

But we never spoke about it. It was too awkward of a subject.

Aubree. We both know we can't help ourselves. Why can't we just be together?

  Because I still have feelings for Jake and you know that.

He released my hand and walked away, walking too fast for me to join him. 

I had to leave him. I hurt him too much.

The End

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