I woke up with my hand in his. 

He was sleeping, lightly breathing. He was so beautiful when he slept.

 Aiden? I'm up now.

His eyes fluttered open and he stared at me. 

 Don't even scare me like that again. What the hell happened anyway?

I ran things over in my mind. I remembered being at the lake with Aiden, then going home to see Jake...


He broke up with me and I collapsed. He told me why he trusted Caitlin and I fainted.

 Jake left me. He.. He left me, for Caitlin.

I saw Aiden's eyes turn from worried to distraught. 

 He did what?! He broke up with you, then left you when you had collapsed! That is it, Aubree I don't want you to talk to him anymore. Ever.

I loved how protective he was. How caring. But I could never let him know.

  Aubree, you're my best friend. I know this is difficult for you, but I'm always going to be here. I'm only a call away. You know that, right?

I loved him. From that moment on. He was my future. Even if my past was clutching hold and not letting go.

The End

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