We stood for over five minutes just staring at each other.  We'd never not spoken, we'd always been talking so much that we couldn't even notice the time passing. 

   Jake? Whats wrong? You just turned up, you never do that. Have I done something?

His eyes looked sore, like he'd been crying. But I didn't want to ask him. Being the 'macho' guy, he never cried in front of me. Only once, when he poured his soul out to me about how many people bullied him for being with me. 

  Aubree. There's no easy way to say this, but I don't think we should see each other anymore.

I felt my whole body tense up. I couldn't believe this was happening.

  I think you're great, you're beautiful, funny and I love hanging out with you. Its just... we're drifting.

I felt my heart breaking.

  I know this must be hard for you, but we need to start anew. Plus, I don't like the way you spend all of your time with that Aiden guy.

He knew. He knew I liked him.

  Well I hate how you tell everything to Caitlin. Why don't you talk to me? I'm your girlfriend. Wait, WAS your girlfriend. 

I saw his eyes swell up. But I didn't care. He'd broke me. A little pain his way wouldn't matter.

 Aubree you have to understand why I only talk to her.

          Then tell me! What is so secret that you can't tell me? What is so wrong with me that I can't know?

  I talk about you. Okay? I tell her everything that upsets me. About you. Are you happy now?

I felt the blood rush to my head and I collapsed.

The End

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