The love between two friends grows as their lives are turned upside-down by heartache.

I wish I could swim. Water flowing past you, brushing softly against your skin, you could be free. Maybe one day I'll run away, dive into the sea and swim away forever. Maybe I'll be happy then...

     "You want to go in?" Aiden's voice was barely above a whisper. He was stood so close to me that I could hear him breathing. I turned to look at him, his bright blue eyes stared deep into my soul. 

"No, I'll only drown." I said, smiling so hard that my cheeks were hurting. 

He laughed and took my hand, he pulled me towards him into a hug and held me. I felt so safe, so happy. I never wanted him to let go. 

But he did.

He went back to her. While I was left to go back to the life I never wanted.

The End

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