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**Mature Content**

Our moms ushered the people out of the chapel as I held onto Deidre at the altar. She was sobbing hard than she ever had. I shook with anger, wanting nothing more than to beat the living shit out of that man. How dare he come and ruin this for her!? For us!?

The police approached us, looking forlorn.

"The best we can do is keep him in the tank," the police officer sighed. "He's drunk but didn't physically harm anyone."

"Look at her!" I yelled but Deidre hid her face. "If this isn't physical harm, I don't know what is!" The police officers looked uncomfortable. "That's it. I'm suing his sorry ass for everything he has!"

"Artemis," my mom began.

"No! It's either that or beat the shit out of him! I don't fancy going to jail," I snapped.

The officers sighed but left. We all stood in silence. The priest was shaken from what he had seen. He stared between us all.

"I'm confused," the priest whispered. "Are they married now?"

"Yes," my mom said firmly. "They're married." He looked doubtful and she rolled her eyes. "Artemis, kiss your bride."

"With pleasure," I whispered and lifted her face.

"I'm hideous," she sobbed.

"No you're not," I assured her and pressed my lips to hers.

She sobbed into the kiss but kissed me back. I heard the priest close his Bible. I pulled back and wiped her mascara off her cheeks with my sleeve.

"You'll ruin your sleeve!" she cried, leaning away.

"Shut up and let me help you," I whispered.

She stopped moving and I finished cleaning her face. I smiled gently and caressed her cheek. She shut her eyes.

"This is going to ruin the business," she said thickly.

"Don't you worry about that," my mom whispered. "Right now we have a reception to go to." She hesitated. "Assuming you still want to go."

I looked to Deidre. She sniffled.

"I'd hate for the baker to be even more upset with us if we don't eat that cake," she joked and I laughed, hugging her tightly.


Everyone was at the reception but no one was talking until we walked in. They applauded for us and Deidre smiled. We walked over to the cake where the baker was holding the knife happily for us. I stood behind Deidre.

"Now remember," I muttered in her ear, "keep your fingers out of the way."

"Red velvet should be red from the dye, not blood," she teased back.

"Exactly," I whispered and kissed her neck once before cutting the cake with her.

Everyone clapped again and I put a fork in our slice and she did the same. I fed mine to her and she made a noise of approval. I opened my mouth but, swiftly, she took her piece off the fork and shoved it in my face. I was stunned as she broke into laughter and everyone did, too.

"That's how you want to play?" I whispered and grabbed the rest of the slice, smirking.

"Now, Artemis," she said. "You don't want to ruin my dress do you?"

"That's why they have dry cleaning."

I slammed the cake onto her face, plate and all. She squealed and I caught the plate before it fell. Our moms were laughing, gripping their stomachs.

"You turd!" she cried through her laughter.

I put my arm around her waist and pulled her close, kissing her. I felt the cake stick to my face as she kissed me back. She slipped her tongue into my mouth and I tasted the cream cheese frosting. We pulled away and I winked at her, handing her a napkin.

"You have something on your face," I said.

She laughed and shoved me playfully. The baker looked scandalized.

"My cake!" he said in a hoarse voice and we smiled innocently at him. "You are to eat it, not have a food fight!" He shook his head in exasperation. "I knew I should have gone with the passionfruit."

I snorted as we served the cake to our guests, wiping the cake off our face. Ethan and his mom came through. He had laughed so much he was crying and Deidre flicked some icing at him, making him laugh even more. Patty was crying but I'm not sure if that was from laughing or seeing her son so happy.

"And now for the fa- mother/daughter dance," the DJ said and I let her go so she could dance with her mother.

Both women were crying and I smiled at the sight. They loved each other very much; it had been just them for over 10 years. Now, though, that would change. My mother grabbed my hand and dragged me to the dance floor, too. I laughed and spun her before dancing with her. She was crying and I wiped her tears away.

"You women and crying," I teased.

"You're married," she sniffled.

I hugged her as we danced. "Thanks to you," I whispered.

When it was my turn to dance with Deidre, I held her as close as I possibly could. She smiled lovingly at me. It was as if her father never showed up. I put my forehead on hers as we revolved slowly on the spot.

"I love you, Artemis Kilgore," she whispered and I smiled.

"I love you, Deidre Kilgore," I whispered back.

She grinned and I kissed her.


Our moms had rented a hotel room so we could have the house to ourselves for a few days. Artemis carried me in through the door, kissing me, and went straight to his bedroom. I wrapped my arms tightly around his neck and he closed the bedroom door shut with his foot. He set me down on my feet and kissed me again. His kiss was slow and I slipped his jacket off.

He unzipped my dress slowly and let it fall. I shivered under his fingers as he ran his hand up my bare back and into my hair. He took it out of the bun, letting it fall among my shoulders. I fumbled with his belt, anxiety building up inside me. As we staggered to the bed, he kissed me.

He pushed me on my back and kissed down my body.

"You have some cake right here," he said in a husky voice, looking at me through his lashes.

"Where?" I breathed, trying to look but he put his hands on my shoulders.

"Right here," he whispered and kissed my stomach. "And here." He kissed up to my breasts. "And some here, too."

He slid his tongue between my breasts and I moaned, arching my hips. We kissed as he gently spread my legs. He pulled away to look into my eyes as he slid in. I gasped but didn't look away from him. His thrusts were soft as he looked into my eyes. I moved with him, running my hands through his hair. Never had I thought sex could be such a beautiful thing.

He came first and I tried to hide my disappointment.

"Don't worry, love," he breathed, kissing my neck. "I'll take care of you."

The next I knew, he was inside me again. This time, though, his thrusts were more desperate. I moaned as we moved faster, leaning my head back. His chest rubbed against mine and his hand gripped my hips as he buried his face in my neck. He pushed in harder and a loud moan escaped my throat. At first it was uncomfortable but, the more he did it, the more pleasure it brought me and I was soon crying his name out loud.

I bent my knees, meeting each hard thrust so he went in deeper. He moaned into my ear, biting down onto my neck. I don't know how long we were at it but I finally felt the build-up in my stomach. My toes began to curl and he sucked on my breast.

"I'm coming," I panted, my voice hoarse from screaming.

"Do it babe," he panted, grunting slightly as he thrust as hard and deep as he could.

My back arched and my body shook. He kept going until it passed. I collapsed, panting as if I had just ran a mile. He finished a second time and lay on top of me. We held on tightly to each other as we tried to catch our breath. Finally, he rolled off of me and had me face him.

"That was-"

"Phenomenal," he finished, breathing heavily. "I hope I wasn't too rough."

I kissed him. "No, baby, you weren't," I said, still panting.

We were sweating and he pulled the blankets over us.

I was drifting off to sleep when I felt his body jerk.

"You okay?" I mumbled.

"Yeah, yeah I'm fine," he said and cleared his throat. "Um... Deidre? When is your next...?"

I yawned. "Next what?" I asked when he didn't finish.

For some reason, he laughed and kissed the top of my head.

"Never mind. I love you very much," he whispered and I kissed his chest.

"I love you more."

The End

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