**Mature Content**

Monday came too soon for me. I got up early and spent a lot of time in front of my mirror. I made sure my hair was combed and slick. Deidre knocked on the door.

"Artemis, I have to pee," she whined. "Please at least let me in."

"Sorry," I breathed and opened the door. She shot for the toilet and let out a sigh of relief. I laughed. "That's how I know we're good: you can pee in front of me."

"Nah, it's when I can crap in front of you."

I wrinkled my nose at her and she giggled. She washed her hands as I checked my coat. She sighed and stood in front of me, blocking my reflection. She straightened my tie.

"I know you're nervous," she whispered, "but don't focus on that."

"I don't know what else to focus on," I admitted.

"Well, you could start with leaving your hair alone," she teased. "It looks perfect." She flipped the light off and led me down the stairs. "Here."

She passed me a shot glass and I laughed.

"It's a little early, isn't it?"

"Just drink it, Mr. Kilgore," she ordered. It was rum. "Do you need another?"

"Maybe," I nodded and she poured me two more. "Okay," I breathed. "I'm good now."

"Our moms are already in the car. Come on; the paparazzi aren't here yet."

She led me to the driveway and we climbed into the truck. We sat in the back and I held her hand. She was grinning.

"You'll have to send me pictures," I said.

"Absolutely not," Janine said immediately and I pouted.

Deidre laughed and kissed my cheek. "You can wait three weeks; it won't kill you."

"You don't know that," I argued.

We pulled up to the office and she kissed me. I kissed her back.

"Have a good day," she whispered.

"We'll pick you up at 6," my mom said.

I just nodded as I got out. I waved and they drove off. I straightened my jacket and walked in. No one was acting strange which made me feel more comfortable. I went into the office and took my heavy coat off, hanging it on the coat stand. I looked around.

It felt empty and quiet without my mom in it. I walked to the thermostat and changed it to something warm for now. The cold was seeping in through the windows. I logged into the computer and gulped. I had 300 emails. My mom had warned me of that.

I logged into the office phone and it rang immediately. I grabbed the notebook and took a deep breath.

"Kilgore Productions, this is Artemis Kilgore speaking," I said in a clear voice.

"Hello, Mr. Kilgore," a man said. "My name is Heath Hemp." I shook my head wearily. It figures my first person is the one constantly calling my mother. "I was hoping to speak to you about my pharmaceutical business."

"Is that so?"

"Yes. You see, your mother hasn't been very open to my ideas."

"What ideas?" I asked, leaning back in my office chair, figure I'd at least hear him out.

God that was a mistake.

"Well, first I want to film a movie here in the building," he said and I frowned.

"A movie?" I repeated.

"Yes! You guys can film it and produce it! And I can get more business here!"

I sighed. "Mr. Hemp, it sounds like an interesting idea but we don't film. I know you've heard that from Mrs. Kilgore. And we produce things, we don't market businesses."


"I'm sorry, Mr. Hemp, but our answer is the same."

He groaned and hung up. I chuckled a little. I turned to my emails and began the day.


"Do you want the traditional white?" the woman at the dress shop asked.

"Well, I was actually hoping for silver," I admitted.

"That's perfect," she said right away. "It will really bring out your hair and eyes more than a white dress would. Come along."

We were led into the back and I bit my lip nervously. She pulled out several different dresses and hung them up on a rack. My mom and Evelyn sat down on the provided chairs. They were already crying.

When the woman, Yvonne, was done picking out the dresses, she handed me the first one.

"We have four that will fit you and your desires," she said while I went into a changing room. "The one you are putting on right now is our most expensive. I figured we'd go from the most expensive on down."

"Sounds reasonable," Evelyn said.

I struggled into the dress and walked out. The women all gasped and I walked in front of the mirror. My jaw dropped. It was sleeveless and the bodice fit perfectly the flowed out at the skirt. I turned to see the back.

"We can stitch green thread up the back if you'd like," Yvonne said quickly.

"I love this dress," I said, "but I want to try the others before I choose."

"Of course!" she said and handed me the next one.

It took two hours to get the dresses on and get the verdicts. We narrowed it down to the first dress and the last one. The last one was more form fitting. The skirt didn't flow out as much which would make moving around easier to do. I didn't like the sleeves, though.

I sighed. "If we could just take the poofy sleeves off, it would be perfect."

"But we can," Yvonne said and I grinned.

"Really? It won't ruin the dress?"

She waved her hand. "Of course it won't! Scurry on out of that. Do you want a veil?"

I thought it over. It was traditional but I was already breaking tradition by doing a silver dresser. Besides, what if it got stuck to my lipstick and Artemis couldn't lift it? God that would be embarrassing.

"We'll pass on that one," I said finally.

The next stop was jewelry. Tomorrow Artemis and I would go pick out our wedding rings. For now, though, we needed to pick a necklace and bracelet. Personally, I wanted to wear the necklace that Artemis got me for Christmas.

"I don't know if it would go with the dress, though," I said.

My mom frowned at me. "Is that what you want? To wear that necklace?" I nodded. "Then you'll wear that necklace, silly!"

I giggled and picked out a beautiful diamond and silver bracelet that matched the engagement ring.

By the time we were done, it was time to pick up Artemis. I offered to go in and get him. When I did, I winced. He was sitting at the desk, pounding his head on top of it. I closed the door quietly and he looked up. His hair was in every direction.

"They're driving me insane!" he said in a hoarse voice.

"Who?" I asked, sitting on the desk and straightening his hair out.

"The employees!" he answered, logging off the phone and computer. "They keep coming up with a million questions I can't answer! I still have 250 emails! I kept getting phone calls and the employees. I didn't even get lunch!"

I hugged him and kissed his forehead. "Let's go get some food in you."


When we got home, Artemis went to bed early. Our mothers wanted to go out for wedding gifts so I went upstairs to his room. I knocked and he immediately pulled me in. I squeaked in surprise as he slammed the door and kissed me.

"Artemis," I gasped as he pushed me to the wall and kissed my neck slowly.

"I am frustrated," he growled "and incredibly horny."

I laughed breathlessly. "I can see that. Need some help?"

"Please he groaned and I took my shirt off, a little nervous.

"Whatever you want," I said, kissing him on the lips.

He stared at me. "Really?"

"Really," I nodded. "Just tell me and I'll do it."

He bit his lower lip then kissed me. "I want to please you," he breathed in my ear in between kisses on my neck. "So you tell me."

I wrapped my arms around his neck. "Well, keep kissing my neck like that to start with," I breathed.

He chuckled and began to unzip my pants. He pulled me to the bed and climbed on top of me, kicking his shoes off. He kissed my breasts, his hand going into his nighstand for a condom.

"What now?" he whispered in my ear, rubbing my breasts slowly.

"I-I don't know," I said honestly. "No one has ever done this for me."

He kissed me tenderly. "Do you want me to touch you?" I closed my eyes and nodded. "Where?"

"Everywhere," I groaned as his hands wandered down my body.

"Even here?" he whispered, slipping his hands between my thighs.

I moaned and leaned my head back. "Especially there."

He slid two fingers in and I moaned loudly. He kissed my neck and up to my jaw as he moved his fingers.

"Okay," I panted. "Kiss me."

"Where?" he repeated.

"Wherever you want."

He ran his hands down my body again and placed long kisses on my breasts. Kept going lower and spread my legs gently. I gasped as he kissed my thighs. He ran his tongue along them until he got to my sex.

"Here?" he whispered.

I could only groan and he chuckled before starting to lick me, his fingers finding their way inside me again. I gasped and gripped his hair. I could feel his moan move through me as I tugged on it. I cried out as I came and he gripped my hips tightly until passed.

I pulled him up by his head and got on top of him. I didn't wait to yank his clothes off and he laughed breathlessly.

"I need you, baby," he panted when I went to give him the same pleasure.

"Okay," I said and immediately lowered myself on him once he had the condom on.

"Shit," he groaned as he gripped my thighs.

I moaned and threw my head back, enjoying the feel of him inside me. I put my hands on his chest to brace myself and he gripped my breasts, running his thumb over my nipples and I panted, leaning in and sucking on his collarbone as I moved. I came again and started moving faster. I was getting tired but I wanted him to finish.

"Oh fuck," he moaned. "I'm comin' baby."

A few minutes later, his hips arched and he fell onto his back, panting heavily. I got in next to him, panting, too. He left to get rid of the condom then got in beside me. He kissed me deeply.

"Thank you," he panted. "God I needed that."

I just kissed him again.

The End

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