"Does it really take this much?" I asked, staring at the list Janine and my mom had put together.

There were 25 other items on the list. According to Janine, the dress was the most important part; at least for Deidre. I wasn't allowed to go with them to that, though.

"It's going to be a surprise," Janine said.

"Yes, this is everything you need to figure out," my mom said, sitting at the table with us. "You've got the flowers figured out. Do you have a list of people you want to invite?"

"Personally, yes," I said. "Mostly it's just our main friends. Then there's the company list but you have that, right?"

She nodded. "Who will be your best man?"

"Larry if he's willing," I said and she made a note.

"What about you, Deidre?" she asked. "Who will be your maid of honor?"

"Mom?" she asked.

"No, sweetie," Janine said and Deidre looked hurt. "It's not because I don't want to be, but I'm the mother of the bride. I have a role of my own."

"Okay," Deidre said. "Nancy, then."

My mom made a note of that, too.

"Tomorrow we'll go to decide on the invitations and the cake tasting," Janine said, scratching her head with the end of the pen. "The scheduled date so far is February 14th. That'll be hard to get to, though, since the mess with Izzy. I think we can do it if we stay on it every day."

"Will we get any days off?" Deidre sighed.

"Yes," my mom said. "Today."

I glared. "It's 5 pm, Mom!"

"Go enjoy you're evening," she said and I rolled my eyes.

I took Deidre's hand and dragged her up to my room.

"Not fair," she grumbled. "I'm exhausted! How are we supposed to enjoy our evening?"

I smirked at her and grabbed her hips. "I know a way."

She shook her head but kissed me.

"Our moms are downstairs," she breathed as I ran my hands up her shirt.

"We can be quiet," I murmured, breathing into her ear and smirked as she shivered.

"I don't know, Artemis. You're really good at driving me over the edge."

I laughed and kissed her again. She gave in and did something I wasn't expecting: she pushed me to my desk chair. I sat down in shock and she climbed on my lap, her legs on either side of me. She kissed my neck, slowly unbuttoning her shirt.

She was teasing me as she placed light, short kisses on my neck. I groaned, gripping her hips. I wanted to shut my eyes but she rolled her shoulders back to take her shirt off. It fell and she smirked when she felt my arousal.

"I can't help that you're so damn sexy," I said, running my hands up to her stomach.

She stopped me, though. I pouted and she reached behind her, slowing taking her bra off. Her eyes didn't leave mine. When it fell, she tossed her hair over her shoulder and she moved further up my lap, her top half exposed and stopping me from touching her.

"I swear, Deidre," I groaned. "You better let me-"

She kissed me and ran her hands through my hair, pressing her breasts to my neck. I groaned and couldn't contain it anymore. I groped her breasts, enjoying the feel of her nipples on the palms of my hand. She moaned quietly into my ear, sending shivers down my spin. She moved slowly on top of me but refused to let me take my pants off.

I kissed her shoulder then bit down hard on it. Her breath was hot and heavy on my neck and I inhaled sharply. My hips moved with her and I put my hands back on her hips. I sucked on her breasts as I pushed own on her hips and directed her movements so that they were faster.

We came at the same time and she kissed me deeply. We moaned quietly into each other's mouths and I rested my head on her chest in between her breasts. She put her arms around my shoulders and put her forehead on top of my head as we both caught our breath.

"Where'd you learn all of that?" I breathed finally.

"Does it matter?" she muttered.

I looked at her, understand. I sighed and kissed her. She kissed me back but didn't accept my request to enter her mouth.

"Let's sleep," I said and she nodded, putting her bra and shirt back on.

I took my shoes off and changed my boxers. She was already in bed when I was done. I crawled in and brushed her out of her face.

"I'm sorry," I mumbled. "I didn't mean to-"

"It's different," she interrupted.

"How?" I asked.

She put her head on my chest and I wrapped my arms around her tightly. I felt like, if I let her go, she'd be snatched away from me and hurt again. She sighed heavily.

"Because, with you, I know you love me. I know you wouldn't hurt me on purpose. I know that you won't leave me."

"You don't feel like... like I'm taking advantage of what you can do?"

She smiled and kissed my jaw. "No, honey, I don't. If I did, I'd say something."

I stared at her. "You didn't say anything to your father or the chaser."

She closed her eyes and a few tears fell.

"I was weak with them," she said. "I didn't know how to defend myself. I know how to with you."

"Oh yeah?" I teased, poking her side and smirking when she squirmed. "And how's that?"

"I'll just kick your ass like I did that guy at Mike's party."

I laughed. "God that was awesome."

She yawned. "Hey, Artemis?"


"I love you a lot."

"I love you more."

"Nope. Pretty sure I love you more."

"Your love does not match mine."

She poked my ribs and I squirmed. I tried not to laugh as she continued poking me.

"Ah, you're cheating!" I groaned, laughing when she stopped me from rolling on her.

She laughed.

"Enough with the sex!" my mom yelled through the door and we both jumped.

"Then get away from the door!" I joked back and we all laughed.

I smiled and nestled back down into the bed. Deidre yawned again and closed her eyes. She was asleep quickly. I smiled down at her, enjoying the way her stead breath felt on me. Her arm was around my waist and she began to snore quietly. The moonlight fell on her, making her glow. Praying I wouldn't wake her up, I grabbed my phone from my discarded pants.

She stirred a little but didn't wake up. I opened my camera app and took a couple pictures from different angles. When I found one I liked, I made it my background. I put it down, kissed the top of her head, and closed my eyes.

The End

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