From He Wants Her and Popular Girls in Middle School, the fantastic four (Kassandra, Jordan, Jessica, and Kathryn) walk down the hallways one day and they see nothing but boys...then they eventually find out that they are in an all-boys school. Then, they meet Jordan's enemy, Jeanette. Uh oh, looks like there's going to be some feud going on between them. Will one of the boys take the courage to stand up to the four?

Jeanette and Jordan had met each other last year, and became good friends. They were going on a trip to see "The Nutcracker." Everyone stood outside, waiting for buses. "Wow, I've never seen this many people before!" Jeanette said, her arms akimbo. Jordan hugged herself because she was cold. "Yeah, me neither," she said, shivering. "but more importantly, it's cold!" Then it hit Jeanette--a guy she had a deep crush on was talking to his friends. Jordan had shook her head at her. "Like he's ever gonna notice you." She muttered. Then Jeanette had saw him come over. 

His name is Ash Beckham, who had used to be Paris' crush. Jordan's heart fluttered when she saw him again, his golden brown hair flowing in the wind as his hazel eyes sparkle in the white sky. Jeanette's pale face turned as red as a rose, especially seeing Ash's full lips break into a full on smile. Jordan couldn't help but hide her's. Ash greeted Jeanette, then turned to Jordan sending her a mesmeric wink along with a lip bite that increased her pulse.

When the girls got on the bus, Jeanette was out of luck. She had to sit by herself the whole ride, while Ash and Jordan were laughing together in the seat across from her. A month later one day, she sat in a corner alone, tucking in some of her hair while looking as others went by her. In this way, nobody even drew close to her. She took out her journal and started thinking of her entrance down. At that point in a glimmer, she saw her most prized ownership being grabbed out of her hands. She looked up and saw Jordan holding it. Her friend Jade stood in a corner watching as Jordan read it. 

Jordan shut the journal and tossed it straight into Jeanette's face. "Who do you think you are, trying to keep your insider facts from the world you stupid bitch!" She hollered, kicking Jeanette in the shin. Before the poor girl could respond, Jordan got her by the hair and started to send incredible hits to the head and her face. This is when Jade anticipated that somebody was going to hurt Jordan them self, so she ventured in the nick of time to break the battle, however Jordan wouldn't move. She held her grip on her hair while Jade had her by the arms. Some other people had joined in due to the fact that Jade couldn't handle it alone. But luckily, a few words from other people had got Jordan to her senses. Then they moved her hands from her hair and walked in the other direction of the hallway.

Jeanette had her departure from the school after she had been harassed so many times, and nobody did a thing about it. But she knew that she had to come back--because her parents said so. She still has her mind on Ash, but soon knew that she'd be taunted again if her enemy saw her. She sits in a corner alone as usual, writing in her diary. As the memories run through her head, more and more tears stream down her face. She hoped that no one would see her. 

When she thought she heard something, she quickly glanced both ways, her face becoming hot in seconds. Then, what she heard was four feet. She quickly put her diary underneath her and sat on it. She saw four girls strolling down the hallway;

Kassandra is wearing a form-fitting sweater dress the color of scarlet, black tights and tall black boots. Kathryn wears the same thing but her dress has a cowl neck and her leggings are winter printed. Her shoes are ankle fringe boots. Jessica is wearing a black and white striped top under a leather jacket, a black skater skirt, tights and short leather ankle boots. And lastly, Jeanette's blood ran cold when she saw the girl who beat the crap out of her, wearing a galaxy outfit from top to bottom, despite her blue hoodie that she loves so much. 

Jeanette almost jumped out of her skin. Before she knew it, she had her diary in her hand, taking off like Road Runner, but more slowly and frantically. Kassandra noticed this and asked, "Whoa, what was that?" She looked at her friends, then Jordan, who glared mysteriously. 

"Sounds like someone's running from a good ass whooping, I see." She muttered gruffly, lightly touching her hair. 

"Oh hush you," Kathryn said, playfully nudging Jordan in the shoulder. The four continued down the hallway to their homeroom. 

Jeanette didn't look back, and when she didn't hear any footsteps after her, she stopped running. But before she could regain composure, she was forced off balance and fell back on her rear end. At least Jordan and her group of friends didn't chase her.

Suddenly, she heard the same footsteps again. Has this school gone mad!? She thought as she tried to scramble back up on her feet. Yet, her things fell out of her hands. As she crouched down to pick them up, a voice said, "What are you doing here?" Jeanette looked up. And her heart had jumped out of her chest instantly. Her foe and the girls she saw earlier were standing over her, glaring at her.

The End

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