Damn, We Almost Had Beef TonightMature

Was that- could it have been- frantically, Adam turned back, page by page, until he found the picture. It- looked like- beef?

Aha! There had been traces of the Good Life all along! With mounting excitement, he surveyed the list of ingredients, just to confirm the miracle he was witnessing.


It was tofu.


I'm an idiot, sighed Adam, a complete idiot. What I should be doing is following the times and going with the flow. A voice in his mind responded.

Right, like a good prole.

But what else can I do?

You can do your part in helping the world to change.


Start by preparing a speech for your Town Council.


As soon as you finish making that squash soup.

The council will crush me until I sob on the floor like a newborn. Anyway, they wouldn't listen to a guy. I feel like dirt.

How do you think Emily felt in the old days?

Shut up!

I can't shut up. I'm a piece of you. Go to the Town Council and help them to make all sexes equal.

No, damn it. They'd never listen. Is equality even possible, human nature being what it is?

His inner voice hesitated for a split second.

Perhaps. But it's your duty to try, at least.

I don't think a man would even be allowed to appear before the Council.

Then use your wits.

The End

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