Girls Rule!Mature

A mega role-switch. What would happen if women and girls ruled the world?

The blood-red sun was winding its way cautiously among the columns of tall, plump tomatoes, dainty violets, and dangling bean plants being harried by the wind. Everything sparkled and shone. Walnuts dropped to the earth and rolled frantically in the crumbling soil as though they were caught on fire. Dew, ghost of the recent storm, embroidered the green leaves and tiny fuchsia petals. Adam squinted and adjusted his spectacles.

He longed to shut the dusty, laminated volume, to leave cookery behind and set off once more to his workshop, but Emily had replaced him in the basement and refused him passage. He would never again be permitted to finger his beloved nuts and bolts and screws and stones, never again trace the pattern on the new red hammer, never again sniff the familiar aroma of good fresh wood.

All was a pleasure denied to him now.  No more tools. No more nonsense, his sons and daughters had told him sternly. You're living in the present now. The kids will think we're no good.

Even his own wife rebuked him, and she, the wretch, was also old enough to remember a world dominated by males.

She could recall a time when pianos cost a thousand dollars and little children always wore clothing out in public and women were supposed to be pretty and men were supposed to wear long shorts in summertime.

Emily and Adam knew a place where prostitutes were for the most part female and girls were allowed to cry and expected to play with little unfeeling, store-manufactured replicas of human beings- dolls.

Adam shook his head and searched once more for the recipe for squash soup. As he flipped the colorful pages, head bent in nostalgia, an illustration caught his eye.

The End

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