Girls Diabolical

A story about 3 teenage girls who are art thieves who return stolen art to their original owners. For young readers.

Girls Diabolical
Chapter 1
Mrs. Alvarez adored her three daughters, not that others had the same sentiment.  For strange things happened when the Alvarez girls were around.  Not that the girls were strange, to the contrary they showed the outward appearance of being the sweetest three girls you could ever want to meet.  Storm, Fury, and Blaze are my charges.  You could say I am their guardian not a guardian in the legal sense.  Not like a parent but more a protector, a bodyguard.  Someone to guard their secrets and to keep them safe and hidden.  My name is Diego Garcia Vega, but you may call me Diego.  I have kept these girls and their secret safe.  More importantly I have kept the Tres Rosas secret.  I have kept that secret as my father did and as his father’s father did.  For this is more than just three girls.  It was a tradition, a promise that went back generations.  Where shall I begin?  Let’s see,  it was summer of 2002.  The girls and their mother the famed museum conservator Maria Alvarez from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. was a guest lecturer at the British Museum for the summer as well as instructing on some advanced restorative techniques to the staff.  It was sort of a working vacation that coincided with the debut of the recently cleaned and restored Rosetta Stone that was the centerpiece of a “Cracking the Code” exhibit at the museum.
The Rosetta Stone, a piece of black basalt stone where 3 different languages are carved was the key to decipher Egyptian hieroglyphics.  Originally unearthed in Egypt in 1799 by the armies of France’s Napoleon near the seaside town of Rosetta (Rashid), It was then acquired by the British when they defeated Napoleon.  It was given to the British Museum by King George III and has been on display since 1802.  It was briefly off display while receiving a thorough cleaning for its debut.  Years of fingerprints, wax and previous handlings from museum restorers had left the stone in less than pristine condition.

“Welcome, Oh Welcome Ms. Alvarez, it is a rare honor, oh yes it is, to have you here with us.” Said the bespectacled man.  Jonathan Witherspoon  though 67 had the vitality and excitement of a school boy and as the curator of the most prestigious museum in England it was a distinct pleasure for Ms Alvarez and her daughters as well.
“I am Mister Witherspoon the curator of this little museum.  But you may call me Jonathan.  Are you settled in your hotel?”   “Why yes we are, a bit of jet lag though.” Ms. Alvarez said.  “Well I shant keep you long, I just wanted to give you a tour of the place and introduce you to some of the staff.”  With that Jonathan preceded to lead them on their introductory tour.   3 hours and 45 minutes later the little visit ended and the girls were exhausted.
“Good bye girls a pleasure to meet you, Ms. Alvarez don’t forget the banquet tonight, you are our guest of honor!”  Don’t worry Mr. Witherspoon I’ll be ready.”  That’s Jonathan, I will send a limousine to pick you up at 6:00.”
Chapter 2
 It’s gone,
 No alarm, no sign of forced entry, no evidence left behind except for 3 red roses, long-stemmed tied with a white satin ribbon entwined in a wreath.  “ Marcus get forensics over here now.  I want every inch of this room searched for any speck of dust out of place”  “Yes Sir”

            The Rosetta Stone missing, and right before the Gala to celebrate its reintroduction back to the museum.  Right under the tight security I planned for this evening.  A low growl emanated from Lt. Duncan he hated to look bad, hated more what this might look like to his captain and superiors. Lt. Duncan hated to make mistakes and this was a big one. Duncan called back, “ Marcus have records cross reference art theft and roses, also any major art thefts in the past five years.  Look to see if there is anything on the video surveillance tapes.”

 It’s going to be a long night, a longer week if he doesn’t find the stone he thought.  Nothing to do right now till the team sweeps the area and the reports come in.  With that thought Lt. Duncan decided to get a cup of coffee, and mumbled to himself, “ A long night indeed.” 
 It had begun to rain slightly and the evening fog had rolled in as it is famed for in London.  Maria was finishing getting ready for the gala.  The girls had requested an afternoon nap; odd for those three they always seemed to have so much energy.  I guess the long flight to London had tired them out more than I expected thought mom.  They should get up soon though.  As if reading her mind Fury stepped into the room rubbing her eyes.  “Hi mom.”   “Well good afternoon sleepyhead, are your sisters awake yet?”

 “No they are still napping.”  Well I will be out for the evening so call for room service when you are all awake.  Don’t leave the hotel suite stay in.  I don’t want you three site-seeing this time of night without me.”  “ Like we would do that without you mom.” Fury responded.  “I know my three angels, well here is a kiss goodbye I’ll talk to you later”  “Bye Mom.”  As mom closed the door there was a voice coming from the girl’s bedroom.  “Fury, Blaze over” Fury ran to the bedroom.  The voice repeated, “Fury, Blaze over” The voice was Fury’s sister but it didn’t come from the bed where Blaze should have been sleeping, but from a small handheld walkie-talkie on Fury’s pillow.  Fury picked up the walkie-talkie.  “Fury over”, she said.  “ Do you have it?  “Yes” Blaze said.  “Our allowance has been collected, now we just have to get it home.”  “ Mom just left, stow it for the night and get back here quick so we can plan delivery”.  “Gotcha, Blaze over and out.”   As Fury placed the walkie-talkie on the counter one could not help but notice the engraving on the necklace Fury wore.  In fact all three girls wore.  They had matching necklaces with a round silver locket, engraved with three roses entwined in a wreath.

The End

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