A girl is clumsy.

This girl likes me.

This girl can manifest these feelings in seconds.

Does she mean them?

She's different.

Can I trust her?

A girl is my life long friend.

This girl is amazing.

This girl gives me a reason to wake up in the morning.

This girl Has a boyfriend.

This girl will never see me.

So what's the point.

A girl sits near me.

She hears what I have to say.

She is swayed by the thoughts of others.

She doesnt give what I say a chance.

So why bother with her?

Cause she's simply.....

A girl has a locker beside me.

This girl I've known for a year.

We can tell each other anything.

We go to each other for comfort.

We go to each other for an amazing time.

But she'll never look at me.


A man's life is spent most of the time caught up in girls.

Girls can simply do what they want.

Boys simply do what they can.

Why does it matter?

No matter which one I pick they'll never look at me.

They'll never notice me.

I'm not enough...

The End

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