It was the year 1973, and I was a freshman in high school.  Everywhere you went, people had girlfriends or boyfriends.  I was one of those kids who did not have a girlfriend. Everyday when I got to school, a lot of people made fun of me because I had no one. But they never got to me because I had two things they didn't have. The first was the power of rock n roll. The second was my bulldog “Woodstock." As the days went by, I wondered why I didn't have anyone. But one morning, I was spacing out and then it came to me: The spirit in the sky told me to grow some balls and go ask out a girl. So the next day, I went to my English class and asked this girl out that I liked. A few seconds went by and I was scared. Finally, I got the guts to go up and ask her out. She told me that she would love to. I was excited to the point that my face turned red. After a few seconds of elation,  I told her I will pick her up at 8. On the way back to my desk, I was shocked. I finally had a girlfriend. Now, no one was going to pick on me any more. The rest of my high school years, I had 3 things that other people didn't: The power of rock n roll, Woodstock, and my girl. Now, I had become the king of the world.    

The End

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